• Mosaic 51 is a purpose-built, AI-capable,

    rugged 12K-resolution 360º camera for HD mobile surveying, GIS, railway and infrastructure inspection.


    Get unmatched freedom for mapping streets,

    urban infrastructure, railways or even hiking trails!

  • Mosaic 51 360 Mapping Camera


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★​


    Definitely the best 360º camera on the market

    With 15 years of 360-degree imaging industry and camera hardware development experience behind us, we have built the best camera for mapping.

  • Our customers

    see which companies are using Mosaic 51 camera and why

    Google uses Mosaic 51 360 video camera for street mapping.
    Mapillary uses Mosaic 51 for street view because its the best 360 camera on the market.
  • The Mosaic 51 360 degree camera offers the clearest image possible.

    Top of the line, protected optics

    Six easy to service 12-Megapixel noise-free image sensors with proper thermal management and microsecond-level sync.

  • The Mosaic 51 360 camera has ultra-precise GPS, even canyons, tunnels and indoors.

    Advanced, ultra-precise GPS

    Connects up to 4 GNSS networks for centimeter precision. Works in canyons, tunnels and even indoors!

  • The Mosaic 51 mapping camera has 12-bit compressed RAW images.

    Amazing 12-bit compressed RAW images or h.264

    Up to 8:1 compressed RAW for game-changing efficiency.

  • The Mosaic 51 360 camera for mapping has 256-bit encryption.

    AES 256-bit encryption

    Data acquisition with 256-bit encryption is available out of the box, for full confidentiality and GDPR compliance.

  • The 360 mapping camera - Mosaic 51 - operates in the most extreme environments.

    Aerospace-Grade Construction and Durability

    Military-grade water resistant connectors, IP67, fully sealed, passively cooled. Flawless operation even in the hottest environments!

  • Mosaic 51 360 Camera has True Edge technology and two built-in GPUs.

    Built-in GPU - not one but two!

    True Edge computing is here: perform AI inference tasks right on the camera!

  • Specs and details for the Mosaic 51 360 Video Camera

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    Mosaic 51 Camera information:

    • technical specifications
    • detailed product features 
    • benefits and applications
    • competitors comparison

  • City documenting in action

    Never before seen crisp, clean, 12K-resolution video to better map your city.

    Check out more incredible imagery on Mapillary.

    For more samples, including full 12K-resolution, send us a request below.

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    Mosaic is a 360° camera hardware and services company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Our team of entrepreneurs, imaging and camera system designers and engineers, and AI enthusiasts, is on a mission to deliver the solutions to efficiently map the world in high resolution.


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