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From a bootstraps startup, to a successful company in two years. Mosaic is blazing trails and selling to the giants in the mobile mapping industry.

Why invest in Mosaic?

Because you recognize the vast potential the following industries and sectors have in building and improving our futures.

If you also acknowledge the importance of the above mentioned industries, then you already understand that these sectors significantly impact each and every aspect of our lives now and perhaps more so in the future. 

Many of these sectors already use or are considering using a 360, mobile mapping camera. However, the more common solutions are cumbersome and outdated and those companies can benefit exponentially with the use of a Mosaic camera. 


gray conveyor between glass frames at nighttime

The entire line of Mosaic cameras have been expertly designed and built with the end user and purpose in mind. Our team is a collection of engineers, designers, visionaries, and gurus in their respective fields. 

Together we have set out to build a camera which longs to deliver the user a more authentic understanding of the environment around them in order to make better decisions, no matter the field, sector, or industry they come from.

Seeing opportunities

According to market research done by Markets & Markets and Polaris Market Research the HD mapping and mobile mapping markets today are valued at €21.3 billion and will grow to €50 billion by 2026. Another study, done by Infosys research, estimates the costs of HD map capture to be €4.500 per km of data. 

With over 64 million kilometres of roads, the estimated costs to capture the world in high definition once is over €300 billion.

€21.3 billion
€50 billion

Filling the gap

Jeffrey Martin, the co-founder and CEO, noticed a gap in the market. For decades, similar mapping tools focused on geospatial data related to maps rather than focusing on the image quality of the maps. He set out to fill that void and deliver a product that users in the field have been asking for for years. 

The reception has been enormous as company after company reaffirms the need for higher quality images, a more robust camera frame to withstand extreme climates, as well as a more compact unit for easier handling and use.

Google logo

In the two short years since its conception, Mosaic has gone from a bootstraps startup, to a successful company, selling to the big names such as Google and Mapillary, with other similarly big-named companies in the pipeline. In addition, we have sold to a wide array of mobile mapping companies, surveying firms, data collection companies and more.

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