Collecting the highest quality and most accurate mobile mapping data possible for 3D models, digital twins and AR platforms.


Demand for mobile mapping services

Traditional mobile mapping methods are changing and it’s hard for many to keep up. Governments and the private sector are increasingly demanding real-time, highly accurate street-level maps of their cities, spaces, environments, and communities.

Yet the current tools available aren’t up to the challenge. Their low-quality images aren’t fit to build 3D models, digital twins, or prepare for AR platforms.

Mosaic’s mobile mapping services use the highest resolution 360 cameras available, specifically designed and built for mobile mapping. The high quality images (12K – 20K) increase productivity and efficiency by 10-100x while reducing costs.

Who needs mobile mapping?

Organizations conducting asset inspections, inventory collection, or surveyors with a need for a high level of image detail. Smart city planners, contractors, or commissions requiring data capture done quickly and effortlessly.

  • Governments and government contractors
  • City planning commissions
  • Emergency response teams
  • Asset and facility management firms
  • Insurance and financial institutions
  • Utilities, logistics and telcos
  • Construction and planning companies
  • Damage assessment companies
  • Street mapping companies
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Solutions for infrastructure, surveying, mobile mapping and more with the Mosaic51.

What services do we provide?

  • Street mapping
  • Campus mapping
  • Utility mapping
  • Facility mapping
  • Bridge mapping
  • Tunnel mapping
  • Railway mapping
  • Topographic and planimetric surveys
  • Asset and facility mapping
  • Vegetation/ROW management
The best maps online aren't made by Google, see Google Maps alternatives.
  • Damage assessment and emergency response
  • 3D modeling / visualization
    Feature extraction to CAD or GIS
  • Virtual surveying, drafting, and remote sensing
  • GIS/LIS data acquisition
  • GIS database development
  • 3D modeling data collection
  • Volume calculations
  • Site videos / imagery for assessment / monitoring / observation

Why mobile map with us?

Save time​

Leave the data collecting to us and get the result faster than traditional methods

Save money​

Reduce the number of workers needed and avoid costly traffic management procedures

Save lives​

Avoid hazardous conditions in extreme weather conditions and eliminate risk to employees lives

Save energy​

Get enormous amounts of accurate data the first time and avoid human errors

How it works


Contact us

Contact us with your request for mobile mapping.


We map your area

Your desired area is mapped by our fleet in no time flat


Receive footage

With attached GPS coordinates


Start using geo data

And geo-referenced images to create 3D models, digital twins, and digital maps.