Capture the truest image possible

Introducing the industry-leading line of Mosaic cameras for 12K to 22K imaging.

Mosaic 51

  • 12K resolution for the clearest image available
  • All-in-one-solution, on-board GPU, no computer necessary
  • Robust industrial grade construction, IP64, use it anywhere no matter the environment

Mosaic X


  • 13K resolution
  • High speed photogrammetry for 3D modeling has never been easier
  • All-in-one-solution, on-board GPU, no computer necessary


  • 22K resolution, the highest resolution mobile mapping camera
  • Large APS-C
  • No vendor lock-in, use with nearly all solutions, systems or devices you’re currently working with

Common features for all Mosaic cameras 

  • Mosaic 51
  • Viking
Mosaic 51Viking
The most durable
The highest resolution
Sensors6x12 MP6x31MP APS-C
IP ratingIP64IP54
Frame rate10 fps5 fps
Disk capacity2 Terabytes hot swappable6 ⨉ 10GbE to in-car computer
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Unleash your Mosaic camera with free 90-day trial of Mistika VR

Mistika VR is the certified Optical Flow stitching solution for your Mosaic camera.