Mosaic’s 360 cameras for insurance & financial firms

Assessing risk or the value of a property, as well as the processing of insurance claims can be a labor-intensive procedure, with many man-hours on the ground. Taking advantage of the Mosaic 51, a high power and highly precise 360 degree camera, mobile mapping can provide a better understanding for better decision making.

Data collection with our 360 cameras allows our customers to gain insight necessary for accurate risk management, claim evaluations and processing with reduced site visits.

Valuation and risk assessment

Financial institutions and insurance companies need to have all of the available details on hand in order to accurately assess the value and risks involved in a portfolio, before offering an insurance policy or making an investment.

With Mosaics 360 cameras for insurance agencies, companies can rest assured that the data collected about the property is correct and up-to-date. This insight grants them the ability to make the proper assessments, leading to a more defined assessment. And due to the nature of the data collection (mobile mapping), there is almost no need for on-site visits.

orange and white concrete building
architectural photography of gray building

Claims processing

The extreme HD images and precise global positioning means that historical data and images can be compared to the most recent conditions of a property or asset.

When an insurance claim is made concerning the conditions of a stop sign, street light, or pot hole, the insurer’s agency can assess the situation from the comfort of an office without the need to visit the site.

A great deal of time, labor, and resources are saved by not having to send agents to the field and fraudulent claims can be handled in a more time-efficient manner.

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