Engineering and Architecture

Mosaic's reliable 360° cameras provide real-time data for informed decisions and project success.

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Explore case studies and watch videos on how Mosaic Mobile Mapping Solutions deliver reliable data for project success.

Get real-time data and stay current with 360 cameras for engineering and architecture firms. Design with constantly up-to-date information and monitor construction sites remotely. Stay on time and on budget.

Construction planning and research

Engineering firms must consider a lot of environmental factors at construction sites.

Powerlines, water systems, and the neighboring buildings can greatly impact the planning of a new structure.

Without needing to visit the location, which may be in a remote location, engineers and architects can draw up plans based on the surveying power of the Mosaic’s 360 cameras for engineering firms. Maintain accurate 3D models and digital twins of assets for clarity and efficiency. Enhance planning and inform design means overall financial savings.

Discover how Mosaic customers are using reliable image capture to document ‘zero situation’ and ‘as-built’ scenarios for large-scale engineering projects.

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Tender competition and proposals

Knowing drainage options, the slope of a road, nearby natural landmarks, traffic situations and accessibility will allow both sides to feel confident in the proposal.

It is beneficial to both the company drawing up the proposed tender and the company reviewing it to possess accurate information, such as that which is provided by the Mosaic 51.

With well-supported claims and estimates, thanks to our camera’s HD image sensors creating the crispest and cleanest images available, both can enter into the agreement with all details on hand.

Progress monitoring

Everything from HD images of the quality of the work to the exact geographical coordinates, with centimeter-level precision.

Rather than sending out a comprehensive team of engineers and quality assurance officers throughout a lengthy construction project that may last several years, the Mosaic 360 cameras for engineering firms can provide the same information, at a much reduced cost and from a more convenient environment.

Accurately monitor and take measurements of the roadways, railways, building constructions or public works projects that are currently underway, all without stopping traffic or setting up a surveying site.

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