data capture

20K resolution captures EVERY last detail, delivering the highest-caliber data possible

  • Map entire cities or countries in extreme image resolution
  • Capture data for rich point clouds creation in minutes & without LiDAR
  • Generate detailed 3D models of large-scale environments and assets

How can you benefit from the world-class Mosaic Viking?​

Complete projects faster

One pass with the Mosaic Viking, driving at city speeds is enough to create a 3D model with 20K resolution.

Decrease day-to-day costs​

All you need is one driver to operate the vehicle and gather the required data in a fraction of the time.

Deliver better quality data​

You can only get the highest quality images with the highest quality camera. 180MP crystal clear results.

Revolutionary features of the Mosaic Viking

189 Megapixels - the clearest image ever
Never before seen high definition imaging in a 360-degree camera
6 x APS-C size 31MP sensors
Capture images in equal HD quality in all directions
Increase interface speeds with 6 x 10 GbE ethernet cables
Data passes seamlessly from the camera to the computer for non-disruptive operations
See real-time data with live image preview
Operators on board maintain command of the image collection with real-time image preview
Sophisticated scene analysis with auto exposure
Precisely synchronized global shutter camera sensors
Amazing 12-bit uncompressed RAW images
Work with original lossless RAW data for the ultimate in clarity.

Sophisticated tech, custom-built for industrial size projects

See who is benefiting from the powerful Mosaic Viking.

Mapping & Surveying Co.

Speed up data capture of street-level truth for roads & infrastructure with the pixel-precision. No loss of definition or color quality.

VFX & Video Game Studios

Easily capture data to create true-to-life 3D assets & environments in a fraction of the time as normal methods.

Governments & Municipalities

Build a full scale model or Digital Twin of whole towns or even countries. Prepare your city to be a Smart City.

What the geospatial industry is saying about the Mosaic Viking

High-end data capture results from the Mosaic Viking

Create 360° videos or videos of 3D models & 3D reconstructions

Full 360° Panorama Image Generated with Mosaic Viking Image Data

Generate 20K resolution panorama images

Integrate with AI for object detection

Craft photorealistic 3D models & 3D reconstructions

Generate digital elevation maps

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