Mosaic’s 360 Camera Solutions and Use Cases  

See how our 360 camera solutions are helping multiple industries, organizations and governmental agencies by providing the most robust and advanced 360º cameras available. Gather the highest resolution images possible to make better decisions for your company, business, or organization.


Smart Cities

Smart city planning involves having up-to-date data and information about the city through tools such as a 360-degree camera to be able to understand what is happening everywhere, all the time.

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Central Governments

Central Governments

Mosaic 360 cameras for governments and states around the world  Start reading Governing across municipalities requires possessing and distributing data

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Telecom Sector

Mosaic’s 360 cameras for telecoms are leading the way in 3D modeling and Digital Twins Start reading Telecommunications companies are

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Self-Driving Vehicles

Preparing self-driving vehicles with the proper system of monitoring roads and other obstacles along the way to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

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Railway and Trains

Improving the technology involved in maintaining tracks while offering opportunities for automation in the railroad system with mobile mapping capabilities and a robust frame.

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Infrastructure Surveying

Roads, bridges, tunnels, electrical grids and water supplies demand data to help authorities monitor, maintain and overhaul the infrastructure. Available with the Mosaic 51.

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Public Safety

Safety means knowing if there are properly marked street signs, properly lit roads and alleys, and sufficient space for an emergency vehicle to enter a means a safe community.

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