Extend your powerful Mosaic camera with hosted computer vision solutions. 

Mosaic Viking time-lapse video at sunset

Turn your geospatial images data into real world solutions

Improve your business, community and world. 

When we set out to bring the highest resolution, most robust 360-degree mobile mapping cameras to market we wanted to make our customers’ lives as convenient as possible.

Combine the highest caliber data, from dedicated 360° mobile mapping cameras, with mobile mapping software solutions.

360° Panorama Stitching

With our ultra-precise calibration of camera intrinsics and extrinsics, we have perfected and expedited the stitching process to automatically render 360º panoramic photos and videos and geo-reference them. (Available now.)

3D model creation

Photorealistic 3D reconstructions -- from a city block to a whole town. See more 3D reconstructions on our YouTube channel. (Available now)

3d model made with photogrammetry from mosaic x data

Asset identification, measurement & labeling

With higher resolution images, 3rd party software can better identify the location and size roadside assets including telephone poles, street lights, fire hydrants, street markings, road signs, cracks, potholes, and more.


With the need to ensure the privacy of your citizens, face and license plate blurring is a necessity for most companies these days. Better imagery means anonymization software is more efficient in identifying this data.

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