The Mosaic mission defined – why we do what we do
We stand in the footsteps of some incredible companies who have produced noteworthy 360° cameras, mobile mapping services, and platforms.

We at Mosaic aim to combine these sectors to create the ultimate in 360°, universal, mobile mapping, for a crystal clear, HD, real-life map of the world.  

There is so much potential and so many benefits to having a real-time world map, not to mention that there exist many of the necessary technologies and infrastructure in place to take advantage of the data collected. 

Yet, when we realized there was not currently any company which could fill in such big shoes, we decided it was time to lace up and set out into the world of 360° mobile mapping.

Piloted by our fearless ‘adventurer in charge’, we soon compiled a group of individuals who feel as strongly about creating a high resolution map of the world as we do. Capitalizing on each of our strengths we began to build what is quickly becoming the leader in the mobile mapping community.

Spurred on by the desire to first create a 360° camera to meet the actual demands of those in the mobile mapping, GIS, and surveying fields, we launched the Mosaic 51.

Our first camera was received with rave reviews and high praise for the features that addressed so many issues companies across the globe had been experiencing for years. 

This propelled us to continue developing, looking for new frontiers to cross and new horizons to aim for. In the ideation of the Mosaic Viking, we saw more possibilities to answer our customers’ requests by developing the highest resolution 360° camera in the world.

As we continued to innovate our cameras we also came to realize that we could be more than a hardware company. Leveraging the power and definition of our cameras, we concluded that offering mobile mapping services would expand our goal of mapping the world in HD at an even faster pace. And so we set to work on formulating services which could be accessible to companies of all sizes and budgets, thus making our services more universal.

We are proud of the advances we have thus far accomplished. But we are not settling just yet. 
We know that there are still more cameras to develop and more miles of roads to map, to create an unprecedented, highly detailed map of the world.

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