Mosaic’s 360 cameras for telecoms are leading the way in 3D modeling and Digital Twins

Telecommunications companies are instrumental in maintaining the flow of information throughout our societies and their effectiveness is dependent on reliable and true-to-life data. Collecting that data is possible through advanced tools such as the Mosaic 360 cameras for telecoms, built for mobile mapping.

This data can help for planning and maintaining the infrastructure necessary for telecom companies to provide services to their customers.

Identifying locations for new cell towers

The telecommunications sector is the glue that holds society together.

Maps are an important part of understanding a region. Besides geographical references and road networks, highly advanced maps such as GIS (geographical information systems) allow the user to gather insight into a region’s population, density and traffic. This information can then be used to determine whether or not it would be advisable to enter that area for future construction and implementation of telecommunication infrastructure such as new cell towers or fiber optic cables.

This information is only possible through data collected by such tools as the Mosaic, 360 cameras for telecomes, built for mobile mapping. Our cameras can capture 360 images of streets, buildings, and the natural environment at the highest clarity and resolution currently available.

Discover how Mosaic customers are using their 360 imagery for capturing 360 imagery for asset inventory and Right-of-Way inspections.

gray and white concrete building under gray sky during daytime
low angle photography of utility tower

Maintaining current infrastructure

Maintenance of cables, electrical poles, and other types of infrastructure related to telecom companies is a constant and necessary task.

It requires staying up to date on the current conditions of the infrastructure, which is an extremely time-consuming and expensive task. Regularly maintenance checks typically require a lot of man-hours.

But with a mobile mapping device such as the Mosaic 51, this sort of maintenance can be done with one driver, using an easy-to-install roof device, which holds an industrial-grade 360-degree camera. While other similar cameras require additional hardware within the vehicle, the Mosaic 51 contains all of the necessary hardware within the device. The information can then be accessed remotely, without site visits, and shared with all parties involved. Our 360 cameras for telecoms can increase efficiency with easily updated data.

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Mobile Mapping Solutions for Telecommunications Surveying