The Mosaic Xplor is a 360º backpack camera with LIDAR and GNSS

Mosaic Xplor

Unlocking hidden realms.
Backpack camera with 360º Mobile Mapping technology reshaping Geospatial, Surveying, and Entertainment.

Are you in the reality capture business and struggling with

Cumbersome Gear

Dragged down by heavy, awkward equipment?

Costly High Technical Demand

Need to train and use highly skilled surveyors for every job?

Setup & Capture Ordeal

Hours lost to complicated collection techniques?

Accuracy Trade-Off

Sacrificing photorealism and portability for unnecessary precision?

Site Restrictions

Facing difficulties with rough, narrow, or wet conditions and other environmental challenges?

Safety Limitations

Frustrated by the inability to survey hard-to-access and potentially dangerous sites due to stairs and ladders?

Introducing Xplor

Geospatial and 3D scanning game-changer!
Explore, capture, and analyze challenging-to-reach environments like industrial facilities, factories, pedestrian zones, and more.

  • Revolutionary 14K Resolution
    Redefines clarity with a groundbreaking 14K resolution for geospatial and 3D scanning.
  • 360º Spherical Panorama Capture
    Panoramic perfection with complete spherical coverage without blind spots!
  • Cutting-Edge 360º x 120º LiDAR Capture
    Lighter and more portable than ever combining image and 3D scanning devices into one backpack.
  • Versatile Scanning Power
    Versatile scanning capabilities to easily survey spaces not accessible by larger vehicles or devices, on the go.
A rear facing viewing of the Mosaic Xplor - a 360º mobile mapping camera backpack with Lidar and GNSS

Forget bulky equipment, tedious capture processes, and restricted access

With the Mosaic Xplor, you get:

Ultimate Portability and Comfort

Enjoy a lightweight, ergonomic design that ensures hours of comfortable use for extended surveying sessions

Efficient and intuitive control

A user-friendly interface anyone can master quickly, combining world-class optics and LiDAR in a single, budget-friendly device

Sped-up Data Capture

Seamlessly collect data while in constant motion, including walking, or on a scooter or biking, without pausing for photos.

Unmatched detail

Reality captured in unprecedented resolution with high-resolution cameras and LiDAR technology.

Rugged reliability

Built to withstand the elements, the Xplor is your trustworthy companion in any adventure, across any terrain.

Flexibility & Safety

Securely ascend and descend ladders or stairs with a hands-free device, exploring high-risk scenarios with ease.

See who is benefiting

Industries and professionals transforming their work with our technology

Go anywhere with the Mosaic Xplor Mobile Mapper

What you can look forward to

Stunning 14K Resolution Spherical Panoramas

The future of panoramic imaging with Mosaic Xplor's ability to produce 14K resolution spherical panoramas, for unrivaled visual quality and coverage.

Precise (Colored) Point Clouds

Achieve exceptional accuracy with point clouds boasting 5cm accuracy and 3 cm precision. Our device captures detailed data in both color and depth.

Detailed Textured Mesh Models

Transform your scans into highly detailed textured mesh models, offering a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

3D Gaussian Splats and NeRFs

Utilize advanced 3D Gaussian splats and NeRFs for comprehensive data analysis, helping you unlock new insights from your scans.

The Mosaic Xplor in Numbers:

Optimal speeds
Capture at up to 50 km/h (30mph). Suitable for foot, bike, scooter, and car within city limits.
Light-weight system
All-in-one,compact unit weighing 7 kg (15lbs), with only 2.5 kg (5lbs) overhead.
Data capture
400,000 points per second via two LiDARs, precise within a 40-meter range.

Embark on a Data Journey with Mosaic Xplor

360° imagery at the highest resolution, coupled with LiDAR- scan reality in the most hard-to-reach places faster and more cost-effective than with conventional solutions!

Data processing optimized

Efficient 3D Model Creation
Mosaic Xplor accelerates 3D model creation with precise image localization, significantly reducing processing time and enhancing photogrammetric efficiency.
Unmatched 3D Detail
With a unique combination of LiDAR and 6 global shutter image sensors, achieve an unprecedented level of detail, comparable to laser profiler systems costing 10x more.
Freedom in Data Integration
Non-vendor locked data enables effortless integration into your preferred software, granting you the flexibility and financial independence to optimize your resources.