Mosaic Meridian

Mobile Mapping System

Unmatched 360° Imagery and LiDAR Precision for Surveying, Mapping, and GIS.

Now within reach.

Launch promotion

To celebrate the rollout of Meridian, Mosaic is offering a special discount to the first 20 early adopters.

Breaking barriers, not your budget

We've heard your frustrations loud and clear. You're tired of overpriced mapping systems that sacrifice quality for complexity. You crave efficiency, accuracy, and versatility, without breaking the bank. That’s why we created Mosaic Meridian.

Addressing these roadblocks you face:

High Costs

We offer professional-grade mapping at an accessible price point.


Our intuitive system is designed for ease of use, minimizing training time.

Inconsistent Quality

Meridian's seamless integration and calibration deliver stunning 360° imagery and precise LiDAR data.

Limited Usability

Mosaic Meridian is built for adventure, tackling diverse environments and applications with ease.

Ready to break free from these limitations?

Discover the Power of Precision and Affordability

Mosaic, the leader in 360° imaging technology, proudly introduces the Meridian Mobile Mapping System. 

This groundbreaking solution is designed to meet the needs of surveying, mapping, and GIS professionals who demand high-quality imagery and reliable LiDAR data—all within a budget-friendly package.

Key Features of the Meridian Mobile Mapping System

By integrating high-quality imagery with precise LiDAR data, Meridian simplifies workflows and ensures accurate, reliable results.

High-Resolution Imagery

Capture stunning 360° visuals with the industry-leading Mosaic X camera system.

Precision LiDAR Data

Integrated RESEPI LiDAR/IMU system for accurate point cloud generation.

User-Friendly Design

Minimal training required, ensuring ease of use for all team members.


A complete mobile mapping solution at a fraction of the cost of competing systems, with no hidden fees.

Why Choose Meridian?

Empower your projects with Meridian's seamless integration of the Mosaic X camera and RESEPI LiDAR/IMU, delivering stunning imagery and accurate data in perfect harmony.

Unmatched Efficiency

Streamline data collection and reduce fieldwork time, freeing you to conquer new horizons and expand your project capabilities.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Our fully integrated, calibrated system delivers millimeter-level accuracy for both imagery and point clouds, ensuring confidence in your data and decisions.

Built for Adventure

Meridian's rugged design thrives in any environment, from bustling city streets to remote wilderness areas. Embrace the unknown with a system that can keep up.

Comparative matrix

  • System Integrator MMS
  • Industry standard MMS
  • Best
System Integrator MMSIndustry standard MMS
Ease of UseSimple operation, but lacks advanced featuresRequires specialized training, complex workflowsUser-friendly, intuitive interface
Data QualityLower resolution, limited accuracyHigh accuracy, but often prioritize LiDAR over imageryHigh-resolution imagery, accurate LiDAR data
Processing CostsHigh due to manual processes, not ideal for large projectsHigh due to proprietary software, vendor lock-inFlexible workflows, compatible with various software
Overall ValueLimited for professional use, best for casual captureCost-prohibitive and over-engineered for standard needsOptimal balance of quality, affordability, and usability

Impact Your Industry with High-Quality Data

Mosaic empowers diverse sectors to make smarter decisions, optimize workflows, and unlock new possibilities through precise, accessible 360° imagery and LiDAR data:


Surveying & Mapping:

Accelerate projects, improve accuracy, and reduce costs with streamlined data collection and analysis.


Asset Management

Efficiently document and monitor infrastructure, ensuring optimal maintenance and informed decision-making.


Construction & Engineering

Streamline project management, improve site surveys, and create comprehensive as-built documentation.


Agriculture & Forestry

Optimize land management, assess crop health, and monitor forest resources for sustainable practices.

Customer testimonials

Discover how Mosaic enhanced workflows and facilitated captivating visuals

Launch promotion

To celebrate the rollout of Meridian, Mosaic is offering a special discount to the first 20 early adopters.


Mosiac X Camera

  • 74MP resolution, global shutter sensors, 10FPS, 8-bit h.264, removable 1TB SSD.
  • Environmental: IP64 rating, operational from 0–45°C, 0–100% humidity.



  • Inertial Labs Kernel-210, GNSS (NovAtel OEM7720), multiple satellite compatibility.
  • Position Accuracy: 1 cm + 1 ppm (RTK), 0.5 cm (PPK).