How auto companies are using 360 cameras for self driving cars.

The automotive industry is investing heavily in 360 cameras for self driving cars to create safer navigation.

HD mapping is essential for the future of autonomous vehicles. The Mosaic 51 360 degree camera for car was specifically designed and built to address all of the necessary features which are enabling the automotive industry to design, create and bring to market driverless cars.

Development and Testing of Self-Driving Cars with 360° camera

Driverless cars are only able to interact and comprehend the world by understanding where they are, and where they can move safely – essentially by orienting themselves correctly within a map.

In order to test autonomous vehicles, companies involved in producing them need very precise high definition maps (HD maps) which have flawless data about lane placement, right of way, and the gradient of the road. All of this is possible with an HD map.

HD maps during the testing stages of self-driving cars are of the utmost importance so that these companies can confidently bring their cars to market. Before putting passengers in their self-driving cars, these companies need to ensure that the vehicles are running smoothly and safely. Mosaic 51 is able to deliver HD maps to an accuracy measured in centimeters.

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Global map in real-time

Once fully automated (level 5 automation) vehicles hit the roads, they will need continually updated maps in high definition.

These maps must be created using technology which is able to accurately identify objects such as street lights, signs, potholes and construction sites in order that driverless cars operating in those areas are aware of and can predict how to handle any potential changes to a particular route.

Mosaic 51’s hardware and software allow real-time maps to quickly and accurately update street view maps, creating a reference map which will be the guiding factor for autonomous vehicles. Four GNSS networks, active dual-band antenna and Dead Reckoning all contribute to accurate positioning within urban canyons, tunnels and indoors.

For more information about how self-driving cars are benefiting from 360-degree cameras, see this article.

Security and Anonymity with AI

HD mapping requires capturing potentially sensitive information such as license plate numbers and human faces.

With advanced AI such as True Edge computing, face detection and ALPR (automatic license plate recognition), the Mosaic 51 is the only camera which is able to identify and conceal that information at the time of recording. This guarantees privacy and security for people and gives those conducting the image capturing the peace of mind about how to deal with such sensitive subjects.

It is also possible to fully encrypt data acquisition out of the box, guaranteeing full confidentiality and GDPR compliance.

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