How 360 cameras for public safety are helping first responders and emergency personnel 

Police department, firefighters, security firms all benefit from the data gathered by our robust 360 cameras for public safety.

The Mosaic cameras for public safety can offer assistance to emergency response personnel, firefighters, and law enforcement before tragedy strikes or in the midst of responding to a call for help. The six 12-megapixel image sensors and ability to capture 12-bit compressed RAW images ensures ultra high-definition images plus the GPS guarantees the most precise positioning.

Emergency response teams

Ambulance, fire truck and police vehicle response times are crucial when it comes to any emergency.

Minutes or even seconds can mean the difference between a successful response and a poor response.

These personnel need real-time information regarding possible routes, traffic conditions, construction sites, and knowledge of the location where they are going. Knowing whether or not a side street is under construction, or if there is a newly installed gate at the entrance to a building can make all the difference in the world.

red and white fire truck on road during night time
man in black jacket and blue denim jeans standing on ice hockey field

Public or private event security

Large events such as a music concert or protest come with many risks, as the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic deviates from the norm.

Private security firms or local law enforcement tasked with managing the safety of those involved are not able to accurately plan for possible dangers if they do not have accurate and highly precise information about the surrounding area.

Mosaic 360 cameras for public safety can be used to present the highest definition images of the site of the event so that security plans can be drawn up ahead of time, as well as adjusted during the event if needed for crowd management or deploying emergency services.

For more information about how our cameras are helping in the public safety sphere, see this article.

Search and rescue

With the most up-to-date information, the GIS map can be used to accurately predict possible escape routes of a fleeing suspect or project the driving radius of a vehicle that has recently abducted a child.

Having this information on hand at all times means that the police and other law enforcement can make the best predictions and take action, without wasting precious time.

This goes for the view out of a high rise apartment complex, the direction of a one-way street through a town, or the prevalence of road signs in an area susceptible to tropical storms or flooding. With Mosaic 51’s up-to-date method of capturing images and data, the corresponding GIS will stay current and offer only the most accurate data available.

man in black jacket walking on street during night time