Achieve extraordinary visuals, save time and money, and unlock creative freedom with Mosaic’s data capture services.

The VFX challenge: Break free from limitations

Traditional data capture holds you back.
Slow workflows, ballooning budgets, lost detail, and inaccessible locations stifle your vision and push deadlines.

Time wasted

Endless on-site scans and complex setups devour precious production time.

Costs spiraling

Large crews, travel, and outdated equipment drain your budget.

Detail sacrificed

Imprecise data forces you to compromise your vision.

Locations off-limits

Challenging terrain and remote sites remain out of reach.


Elevate VFX Environment Creation with Mosaic

Mosaic charts the course for next-level VFX by capturing environments with unprecedented speed, detail and accuracy, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Elevate your visual storytelling

with photorealistic 3D data capture that fuels immersive experiences.

Streamline production

and exceed creative expectations with Mosaic's cutting-edge 360° imaging solutions.

Unlock VFX affordably

Mosaic delivers the data you need, faster and in 10x better detail.

Push creative boundaries

with unparalleled data that transforms your vision into cinematic reality.

Mosaic solution

Mosaic transforms filmmaking and video-gaming with speed, precision, and limitless possibility.

Industry-leading methodology

10x more geometry, faster than laser scanning.

Single-operator configuration

Reduced crew, increased efficiency

Conquer challenging locations

Capture the inaccessible

How we do it



Mosaic provides one driver/operator and all necessary equipment.



Quickly process data with their own unique workflow.



High quality 3D textured mesh models.

VFX Visionaries Trust Mosaic

Discover why VFX supervisors and directors - known for movies such as Time Traveler’s Wife, Minority Report, The Gray Man, Pearl Harbor II, Black Panther, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Lord of the Rings, and more - are turning to Mosaic for their VFX capture needs.

Here's how Mosaic’s VFX capture services benefit you

man in white crew neck t-shirt wearing black sunglasses

Film Studios & Producers

Achieve superior results faster and stay competitive with Mosaic's efficient data capture. Reduce production time and costs while delivering exceptional quality.

man in black shirt standing near black video camera

VFX Studios & Artists

Unlock a world of creative freedom with highly detailed data that offers more options in post-production. Eliminate tedious tasks and focus on the artistry that sets you apart.

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Explore untapped potential in your pre-visualization process. See your vision come alive in real-time, allowing for seamless collaboration and on-the-spot modifications.

How Media & Entertainment leverage Mosaic

Build immersive worlds, expand creative control and deliver dynamic visuals.

3d model of a building in Prague shot with the Mosaic Viking

Detailed 3D Models

Precisely reconstruct real-world sets for believable digital environments and seamless blending with live action.

gray digital wallpaper

Rich textures & shaders

Capture intricate surface details to create hyper-realistic assets that captivate the audience.

man in black jacket and black pants holding microphone

Limitless Backdrops

Generate vast, photorealistic environments for chroma key, empowering you with greater flexibility in post-production.

silhouette of people holding umbrella

Stunning Virtual Sets

Design breathtaking backgrounds for LED Volume stages, giving actors and directors a truly immersive environment.

person standing in front of train station

Seamless Match-Moving

Effortlessly integrate VFX elements with live footage using accurate camera tracking data.

Hand Steering a Camera on a Track

Precision Camera Tracking

Ensure flawless integration of CG elements, even in complex shots, for action-packed sequences that feel believable.