Mosaic 51

Most durable, precise and practical panoramic 360º camera for urban mapping & surveying.

Built to get dirty

Purpose-built, AI-compatible, rugged 12.3K-resolution panoramic 360º camera for HD surveying, GIS, and infrastructure inspection.

  • Easily manageable, standalone unit, single manned operation with minimal training
  • Robust industrial frame & connectors to withstand the cold, the heat, water, dust, poor road conditions. 
  • Built-in computer, large internal storage to capture all day without a computer on board. 

How can you benefit from the rugged Mosaic 51?

Gain greater insight of your environments

With the highest resolution, standalone unit, you can quickly capture the necessary street-level images of your sites, streets, and towns to make better informed decisions.

Decrease operational costs​ & increase efficiency

The Mosaic 51 was built to be easy to use, requiring only one person who is both driver and operator. No need for lengthy training, a computer on board, or repeat site visits. Capture one time and utilize ten fold.

Increase your project capacity & sales

With a robust device you can count on and which collects data faster, win more proposals, fulfill deadlines on time and build more trust with clients.

Robust, standalone & lightweight Mosaic 51

Discover Real Customer Success Stories

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Trailblazing features of the Mosaic 51​

Top of the line, protected optics
Six easy to service 12-Megapixel noise-free image sensors with proper thermal management and microsecond-level sync.
Advanced, ultra-precise GPS
Connects up to 4 GNSS networks for high precision. Works in canyons, tunnels and even indoors!
Amazing 12-bit compressed RAW images or h.264
Up to 8:1 compressed RAW for game-changing efficiency.
AES 256-bit encryption
Data acquisition with 256-bit encryption is available out of the box, for full confidentiality and GDPR compliance.
Industrial-Grade Construction and Durability
Industrial-grade water resistant connectors, IP64, fully sealed, passively cooled. Flawless operation even in the hottest environments!

What our customers love most about the Mosaic 51​

Capture 360º street-level images to provide the solutions for your projects

See who benefits from the purposely-built Mosaic 51:

Land Surveying &
Mapping Companies

Travel more places, collect data faster than before, and ensure that you are mapping all of the streets, roads and trails within your scope, with a street-level view in 360º.

Telecommunication &
Utility Companies

Gain a better view of your powerlines, right of way, telephone poles and more. Capture the highest quality images with the least amount of work.

Local Governments
& Municipalities

Know what services are or aren't already in your community. Keep an inventory of street furniture and their conditions. Create a better environment for your citizens.

Road & Infrastructure
Maintenance Crews

Ensure greater safety and prolong the life of current infrastructure with more consistent maintenance checks. Have the data to react faster to potential risks.

See what you can do with the 360° panoramic camera

Mosaic 51 video samples, best enjoyed by watching in 4K.

Full 360° Panorama Image Generated with Mosaic 51 Image Data

Generate 12K resolution panorama images to read road signs on the highway.​

mosaic 51 highway asset inspection

Capture 12K resolution panorama images to read building signs and identify objects and infrastructure in need of repair and beautification.

mosaic 51 asset and infrastructure inspection

Capture 12K resolution panorama images to identify dangerous road conditions such as potholes, cracks, surface deterioration, and rutting.

road inspection and surveying with mosaic cameras

Start Capturing Fast: Mosaic 51 Guide

Transitioning from a robust Mapping Camera to reliable data for street view and asset management is a breeze! Explore our How-To videos and discover how to operate Mosaic 360° Panoramic Cameras with step-by-step guidance 👉🏽

Get All the Specs Here

Request a 13-page PDF for all Mosaic 51 Camera information:

  • technical specifications 
  • detailed product features
  • benefits and applications
  • competitors comparison

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Mistika VR is the certified Optical Flow stitching solution for your Mosaic 51 camera.