Real Estate Companies

Accurate valuation assessment and risk management with the Mosaic 360 cameras for real estate agencies

Read a case study and watch a video on how Mosaic camera systems are impacting large-scale mapping and surveying.

Mosaic’s 360 cameras for real estate agencies cut down on repeated visits to a property by offering efficient updated information with a 360-view of the property and the area in its vicinity. See the condition of the land or buildings before, during, and after a purchase or sale or over the years of ownership.

Accurately evaluate any asset, anywhere

Rather than having to book a trip with each potential new real estate investor, asset management companies can share up-to-date information and images of the property with their clients with a 360 camera for real estate.

They can be confident knowing that the images and data captured with the Mosaic 360 camera are with six 12-megapixel image sensors for a true-to-life image, as well as ultra-precise GPS with centimeter-level accuracy.

The Mosaic 51 also captures 12-bit compressed RAW images of the surrounding environment of the property, meaning that a very high level of quality of data can be captured, collected and stored on the camera during the surveying process.

architectural photography of gray house
brown concrete houses

Better understanding of the conditions of an asset

The physical conditions of the asset, including the need for a new paint job, reconstruction of a roof, or filling in the potholes in a building’s parking lot can all be viewed from a remote location, rather than on-site.

Maintaining the property, taking inventory as to its features and materials, and keeping track of the surrounding properties and their conditions can save a lot of time and resources down the road. All of this can be done from the office of the real estate asset management firm with a 360 camera, rather than constant visits and physical checks of the site.

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