Mosaic offers the best performing 360 camera for logistics and transportation companies

Logistics companies such as Amazon, UPS, DHL, and Alibaba have benefited greatly from the use of GIS (geographical information systems) which allow them to better reach their target of delivering packages to their customers in the fastest way imaginable. GIS are highly precise, layered maps which give many more details than a traditional map, including Google Maps.

This technology is possible with data collected from the highest performing 360 degree cameras for logistics, developed by Mosaic.

Discover the best alternate routes

Logistics companies run a tight ship and need to keep to a tight schedule, while dealing with round-the-clock changes on the roads.

Another big name which gathers data for transportation lanes and routes for their fleet of trucks is Walmart. The commerce giant is constantly looking to improve the speed of their supply chain, keep costs down, and keep drivers on schedule by viewing and analyzing data.

Mosaic specifically built 360 cameras for logistics and transport companies to enable them to collect the data necessary to create better maps. Companies such as Walmart, Amazon, and Alibaba, and even the little guys can discover and utilize routes which are the fastest and safest ways to get from point A to point B.

white truck on road during daytime
cars passing through north and south

Avoid traffic due to construction or rush hour

The data gathered by Mosaic’s mobile mapping camera can be used to predict future traffic conditions and allow logistics and transportation companies to find the best alternative routes for their fleets of delivery trucks and vehicles.

While some current maps are able to give information about current conditions only at the last minute, the data insight gathered from sophisticated tools like the Mosaic 51 will allow these companies to foresee traffic patterns and plan accordingly so that they are not suddenly caught in a traffic jam due to rush hour or a construction zone.

Last mile deliveries without surprises

More often than not, the last mile of a trip is the most difficult for a transportation company.

The last mile can contain many unknown factors such as sudden shifts in lanes due to construction or a lack of proper signage to indicate one-ways or street names. But a 360 camera for logistics companies can prevent potential damaging surprises.

Since the Mosaic 51 is able to capture images, not only of the roads, but of the buildings and other assets along the roads, drivers for logistics companies will be able to navigate themselves the last mile without surprises. They will know what their arrival point will look like, if there is a physical barrier or security post that needs to be passed and if there is lighting in the area to find a safe place to park. 

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white and red cars parked near white concrete building during daytime