Collect the highest possible quality & most accurate mobile mapping data for surveying roads & infrastructure and generating 3D models & digital twins.

Map your world

Looking to obtain precise and up-to-date street-level spatial data of your surrounding infrastructure and communities to help manage, maintain, and plan for the future?


With the right mobile mapping system you can

Capture high resolution data about your urban space, road lane, or infrastructure, all from street-level.
Use your spatial data to create the clearest ground-truth, visible through:

360º panorama images, including geolocation

360º panorama videos, including geolocation

3D point clouds, 3D models & 3D reconstructions

The current landscape

The technology for mobile mapping and surveying has been lagging in recent years. Many current solutions offer more problems than solutions. 

  • Low resolution. The demand for higher resolution exists but current solutions are lacking.
  • Not durable. The wrong tool for the job (not water resistance, overheating, poor mounting options)
  • Unable to integrate with other devices & issues with OS compatibility
  • Vendor locked. Unable to see data during capture or are forced into using the vendor’s software.
  • Difficult to learn to use, requiring multiple, expert operators
  • Slow data capture speeds due to low frame rate and low resolution, so have to drive slower

So many users turned to one of two options:

  • Expensive and unreliable home-made solutions
  • Off-the-shelf consumer goods not built for the daily grind of mobile mapping.
Solutions for infrastructure, surveying, mobile mapping and more with the Mosaic51.

Our response​​

We saw a gap on the market and built a solution that is a 

Simple-to-use, standalone device

that was doesn’t require extensive knowledge to operate

Rugged and robust device

that can work in harsh climates and conditions (weather, road surfaces, climate)

High-resolution camera

that takes incredibly clear and true-to-live photos

Flexible system

that gives the user the freedom to use their current workflow or create a brand-new one without fear of being locked into anything

Ready to see your options for mobile mapping solutions?

How you can benefit from Mosaic's line of
purposefully-built mobile mapping cameras

Easily operable

  • Standalone unit requires little maintenance or training.
  • Internal storage means you can capture all day.
  • An intuitive interface to view inspection videos during data capture

Save money

  • Reduce the number of workers needed to operate the device
  • Avoid penalties for delivering late
  • Eliminate costly traffic management permits

Increase safety​

  • Avoid hazardous conditions in extreme weather events
  • Eliminate the need for employees to exit the vehicle
  • Easily mount and dismount without risk of injury

Enjoy more freedom​

  • Integrate into your workflow as it suits you
  • Capture more frequently, at your pace
  • Increase the quality of the data as you want by attaching additional devices (LiDAR, IMUs, GNSS)

Be more competitive​

  • Bring down the price point of labor.
  • Win more bids with a reliable solution that produces better results than your competitor.

Decrease timelines​

  • Up to 10-20x faster data capture
  • Drive faster with higher resolution and frame rate
  • Less bugs means less down time

How can you use data collected with Mosaic's line of mobile mapping solutions?

Are you a city government or municipality?

  • Gather all of the necessary information on the current situation in public spaces enabling effective management of the landscape order and implementation of government policies.
  • Understand your community, the resources in use and the ones in need - do you need to add more traffic signs, fix painted road lines? Change how space is used.

Are you an infrastructure or road surveying company?

  • Get a detailed inventory of the road lane elements and street furniture or a comprehensive inventory of outdoor advertising in public space.
  • Improve decision-making processes and reporting in road and infrastructure management and maintenance.
  • Ensure greater safety by closely monitoring the conditions of bridges and other infrastructure. 

Are you a teleco or utility company?

  • Analysis of important factors (such as land development, urban layout, greenery and buildings) allow for the design and development of 5G networks, determine 5G infrastructure location.
  • With a detailed inventory on the existing fiber-optic infrastructure, it is possible to indicate development opportunities, identifying newly created buildings.

Mosaic 51

  • 12K resolution 
  • most robust
Mosaic X 360 camera

Mosaic X

  • 13K resolution
  • High speed photogrammetry 


  • 22K resolution
  • cutting-edge data capture

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