About Mosaic

At Mosaic, we’re passionate about capturing the real world and transforming it into digital assets that empower businesses, creators, and innovators.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where the real and digital worlds are seamlessly connected. Our technology unlocks a world of possibilities, from creating immersive virtual experiences to streamlining infrastructure planning and maintenance.

Innovation & Expertise

Founded by industry pioneer and veteran Jeffrey Martin, Mosaic is driven by a team of experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our cameras, the Mosaic 51, Mosaic X, Viking and ultra mobile Xplor, offer unmatched capabilities for capturing high-resolution data and imagery.


Our versatile technology finds applications across various industries:

Surveying & Mapping

Streamline data collection and create detailed, accurate maps of any location.


Infrastructure Management

Monitor and assess infrastructure conditions with ease, improving maintenance and planning.

Film & VFX

Build realistic virtual sets, accelerate previsualization, and enhance post-production workflows.

And Beyond

Explore new frontiers in gaming, virtual tourism, and other exciting fields.

Curious about Mosaic's potential for your unique project? Reach out and discover the possibilities.

Meet the team​

We are a team of entrepreneurs, imaging and camera system designers and engineers, and AI enthusiasts, on a mission to deliver the solutions to efficiently map the world in high resolution.


Jeffrey Martin

Cofounder, CEO

Jeffrey is a true trailblazer in the 360º imaging industry having created the first online platform for combining maps with geo-referenced 360º imagery, predating Google Streetview by 3 years.

He is constantly seeking new challenges in order to push the limits in the fields of 360º imaging, VR, and camera development. 

Explore Jeffrey’s work at jeffrey-martin.com


Jost Faganel

Cofounder, COO

It takes a certain level of ambition, bravery and a pioneering spirit to constantly take on new challenges, including helping to build and launch businesses in various disciplines. And this is exactly what our COO Jost thrives on, having worked with over 20 companies over the last 10 years.


Rostislav Lisovy ​

Cofounder, VP Engineering

The engineering field requires constant innovation and discovery in order to create cutting-edge technology. Our CTO, Rosta, has done just that, whether while managing manufacturing processes for ODMS, bringing security devices to mass production, or getting 10 Linux kernel contributions accepted to mainline Linux.


Lynn Puzzo

Director of Sales & Marketing

Longtime traveler, storyteller, and marketing expert, Lynn brings her global cultural experiences to the geospatial industry. She is dedicated to sharing Mosaic’s tale far and wide while providing excellent service to customers. As the Director of Sales & Marketing, she creates dynamic content and foster strong relationships to highlight the value of Mosaic’s 360º imagery.

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Company details​

Unirmi s.r.o.
Bělehradská 858/23
12000 Prague 2
Czech Republic

ICO (Company ID) 06844006
DIC (EU Tax No.) CZ06844006

The company is registered in Commercial Register maintained
by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 288175.