Built for the big time

Just like the Vikings, the Mosaic Viking leaves no stone unturned or undiscovered with 22K resolution collecting all of the details in view.

Single-handedly maps large spaces, creating an unmatched, detailed 3D model quickly and efficiently. Helping AR take giant leaps forward by building truly authentic models of our environments.

Conceived in the north, destined to capture the world, the Mosaic Viking 360 camera comes with 6 x 31MP sensors, with a total resolution more than 180 Megapixels.

180 Megapixels - the clearest image ever
Never before seen high definition imaging in a 360-degree camera
6 x APS-C size 31MP sensors
Capture images in equal HD quality in all directions
Increase interface speeds with 6 x 10-25 GbE ethernet cables
Data passes seamlessly from the camera to the computer for non-disruptive operations
See real-time data with live image preview
Operators on board maintain command of the image collection with real-time image preview
Sophisticated scene analysis with auto exposure
Precisely synchronized global shutter camera sensors
Amazing 12-bit uncompressed RAW images
Work with original lossless RAW data for the ultimate in clarity.

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