Mosaic X will be released in

Q2 2022

What to expect under the hood

Global shutter
No risk of image distortion no matter the speed of the vehicle
Industrial-Grade Construction and Durability
Industrial-grade water resistant connectors, IP64, fully sealed, passively cooled. Flawless operation even in the hottest environments!
Two built-in GPU
Get 3 Teraflops of compute capacity while traveling light - no need for a computer, power source, or unnecessary cables within the vehicle
Out of the Box integration
High compatibility with existing software and services, ready to run out of the box.
Security and confidence
Data acquisition with 256-bit encryption is available out of the box, for full confidentiality and GDPR compliance.
Lens protection
Never send a camera back again because of one scratched or foggy lens.

Built for speed.

Create 3D reconstructions without LiDAR with the highest resolution, all-in-one solution, 360º mobile mapping camera with global shutter.

Capture the images to create 3D models of the streets and surrounding environments.

The Mosaic X gives the user the freedom to gather images for photogrammetry at highway speeds, for faster creation and more authentic maps and models of the world around them.

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