Built for speed

Scalable photogrammetry and 3D modeling with global shutter.

  • High quality camera only 3D models & 3D reconstructions
  • Capable of dense point cloud creation
  • Photorealistic environments and mesh/textured 3D models
  • Easy point cloud colorizing (when merged with other data)

Better, faster data capture the 1st time

Drive at city or highway speeds to collect the data you need for a high resolution 360° maps & 3D models. Reduce the need for multiple site visits.

Decrease operational costs​ & increase efficiency

The Mosaic X is a standalone, single-manned unit, with little to no training needed. Use your personnel more effectively.

Increase your project capacity & sales

Affordably priced so you can scale your fleet and take on more projects and more customers. Built to streamline your workflow.

Top-of-the-line features of the Mosaic X

Global shutter
No risk of image distortion no matter the speed of the vehicle
Industrial-Grade Construction and Durability
Industrial-grade water resistant connectors, IP64, fully sealed, passively cooled. Flawless operation even in the hottest environments!
Two built-in GPU
Get 3 Teraflops of compute capacity while traveling light - no need for a computer, power source, or unnecessary cables within the vehicle
Out of the Box integration
High compatibility with existing software and services, ready to run out of the box.
Lens protection
Easily and cost-effectively replace lens caps rather than the lens itself.

What the geospatial industry is saying about the Mosaic X

Large-scale photorealistic projects undertaken with ease

See who benefits from the purposely-built Mosaic X

Mapping & Surveying

Capture ultra sharp images and preserve dynamic range, even in harsh light; get a single, unified and consistent image, minimize blowout between sun and building’s edge.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Easily capture data to create true-to-life 3D assets & environments in a fraction of the time as normal methods. Integrate with BIM/CAD modeling to enhance and speed up workflow. Reduce onsite visits.

Asset Management &
Real Estate Companies

Collect extremely high resolution images to inspect assets and maintain a comprehensive database of all infrastructure for year-over-year comparisons.

Full 360° Panorama created with Mosaic X

3D models & 3D reconstructions - see the possibilities

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