Model on Cesium by Mosaic X

The Mosaic X: capturing high-resolution images of infrastructure and roadside assets faster and cheaper

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To find a quick, cost-efficient method of collecting high-quality, photorealistic images of infrastructure, roadside assets, utility and telecommunication assets for inspection purposes.


Traditional tools such as LiDAR have proven costly on the front end and require well-trained technicians. LiDAR point clouds, while highly accurate, are sometimes unnecessary and overly taxing for many types of inspection that only require imagery.

Using point-and-shoot handheld cameras requires a lot of work on the backend, with increased post-processing needed and often inconsistent. 

The use of drones is not reliable as many highly populated areas cannot be covered by drones due to strict laws, and often the angle of the images and distance from the ground does not provide adequate data.


A 360º mobile-mapping camera system, capable of capturing high-resolution images at scale, faster than other methods, and at a lower price point of data capture due to the entry price of the device itself and the lack of need for a trained professional to operate the system during data capture.

How long will it take to collect high-quality, photorealistic data adequate for creating a 3D model that users can use for infrastructure inspection, roadside asset inspection, or utility and telecommunication inspection?

In just a couple of minutes, we mounted the Mosaic X camera on the roof of the car and drove through the street at the speed of traffic. And in only 48 seconds, we captured high-resolution data, which allowed us to build this model at maximum quality, making it possible to see the tiniest elements – road signs, landmarks, and signs on the houses. With its global shutter, the Mosaic X captures all the details in the best quality at the normal speed of the car. 

The Mosaic X capturing the city
The Mosaic X is perfect for 360º panoramic street view mapping, surveying and inspections.

You can even use a motorbike and ride through narrower streets, where larger vehicles are not able to access. You can park anywhere, and when you’re done shooting, just take the camera off and download the data from a flash drive – literally right away. The Mosaic X has a simple and user-friendly interface – it is easy to set up and operate, which makes it possible to manage all the processes with just one person.

And that’s not all – in addition to the 3D model, you’ll get automatically collected panoramic photos with precise GPS data and timestamps, which could be used for other purposes. This mobile mapping camera is the most profitable way to quickly capture images and geo-referenced points at once! Use this data over and over again, sharing with clients and partners, building 3D models or creating your own Google Maps!

Look at this stunning textured mesh – it took us just 48 seconds to ride down the street in Prague with the Mosaic X to get the images for this high-level reconstruction:

Check out the details of the 3D model on Cesium and find more videos on our YouTube channel.