Plate composite for The Gray Man with Mosaic imagery

Mosaic is creating Digital Twins for games and movies to perform complex projects faster and cheaper

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To deliver a new solution for the VFX, movie and gaming industries which reduces time and, thereby, costs associated with pre-filming data capture and an easier and more cost-effective method to produce “plates” for creating a composite in post-production.  


When it comes to modelling on a large scale with as much detail as possible – up close and distant, such as for the movie or gaming industry, standard methods can’t handle the job. Such a complex task requires not only special equipment but also a team of professionals with experience in similar projects. 


To create an object as close to reality as possible, you need to display all the details from different angles, taking into account the light, shadow and texture of the material. A massive amount of data then needs to be extracted and put together. Our team of 360° imaging experts has tremendous experience scanning completely different objects in various conditions, and we are happy to take on new and exciting challenges. 

With such a task, Scanline VFX approached us during their data collection phase of The Gray Man, a Netflix movie, to assist with the 3D scanning of beautiful Prague. Over a few days, we covered more than 5 km of Prague streets using our high-resolution 360° cameras and novel post-processing workflows and solutions.

What was especially crucial for this VFX project?

  • Scanning large environments and extensive data sets easily, quickly and at a reduced cost
  • Capturing the required data to create a quick representation of the geometry and have photography that aligns with specified ‘geo’
  • Limiting lighting changes in the scene from the sun

We can’t share the materials we’ve scanned for this movie, but we are happy to share the data we collected for ourselves with the same technology! This is one of the most exciting projects in the highest possible resolution and detail – just check it out:

Read the full story of Bryan Grill and Scanline VFX working with us in this article.

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