Self-Driving Vehicles


Preparing self-driving vehicles with the proper system of monitoring roads and other obstacles along the way to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

Engineering and Architecture


For engineering and architect firms who need to gather accurate data about a construction site, Mosaic cameras can gather the highest quality images for crystal clear results.

Financial and Insurance Companies


Mosaic’s 360 cameras for insurance & financial firms Start reading Assessing risk or the value of a property, as well as the processing of insurance claims can be a labor-intensive procedure, with many man-hours on the ground. Taking advantage of the Mosaic 51, a high power and highly precise 360 degree camera, mobile mapping can … Read more

Real Estate Companies


Accurate valuation assessment and risk management with the Mosaic 360 cameras for real estate agencies Start reading Mosaic’s 360 cameras for real estate agencies cut down on repeated visits to a property by offering efficient updated information with a 360-view of the property and the area in its vicinity. See the condition of the land … Read more

Transport and Logistics


Mosaic offers the best performing 360 camera for logistics and transportation companies Start reading Logistics companies such as Amazon, UPS, DHL, and Alibaba have benefited greatly from the use of GIS (geographical information systems) which allow them to better reach their target of delivering packages to their customers in the fastest way imaginable. GIS are … Read more

Telecom Sector


Mosaic’s 360 cameras for telecoms are leading the way in 3D modeling and Digital Twins Start reading Telecommunications companies are instrumental in maintaining the flow of information throughout our societies and their effectiveness is dependent on reliable and true-to-life data. Collecting that data is possible through advanced tools such as the Mosaic 360 cameras for … Read more