MosaicX integrated with Riegl - 3Dimentions Discovery

Pioneering Integration of RIEGL VMZ + Mosaic X with 3Dimensions Discovery 

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Elevating Surveying Technologies in the Romanian Market 

Mosaic 360° Mapping Cameras and 3Dimensions Discovery proudly announce their groundbreaking collaboration, marking the first integration of a RIEGL VMZ and a Mosaic X camera system.  This innovative cooperation, ignited first by Mosaic’s Romanian partner, BLACK LIGHT, sets a new standard in 3D scanning and surveying technology in Romania and neighboring countries, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

The Reason for Choosing the Mosaic Camera

Bogdan Covrescu, General Manager of 3Dimensions Discovery, shares his company’s motivation behind choosing the Mosaic X camera system: 

We chose the Mosaic X because we wanted to provide our clients with a clear and detailed view of the field situation. This system allows us to capture high-quality data, essential for our 3D scanning and surveying projects.

Mosaic X and Bogdan Covrescu.

Bogdan also mentions some specific benefits the Mosaic X offers over other options in the market: “The Mosaic X system stands out for its exceptional image clarity, ease of use, and robustness. These features enable precise measurements in various field conditions, ensuring efficient project execution regardless of complexity”.

Claudiu Toma, Managing Director of BLACK LIGHT, commented: “I am glad that 3Dimensions expanded their business opportunities by upgrading their existing RIEGL VMZ mobile mapping system with the new Mosaic X camera, and I strongly believe that this new experience will contribute to the scale-up of 3Dimensions.”

We chose to work with Mosaic because of their cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation. We introduced 3Dimensions to Mosaic as we saw a rising demand in the market for higher resolution 360° cameras, and we were determined to bring them to our local clientele. We see great potential for this partnership in the future as the need for advanced 3D scanning and surveying solutions continues to grow in various industries.

Claudiu Toma, Managing Director of BLACK LIGHT

Utilization of Integrated RIEGL System

3Dimensions Discovery plans to leverage the integrated RIEGL system across various applications, including engineering surveying for infrastructure and GIS analysis. This integration will enable precise land detail acquisition and complex model creation, crucial for project planning and execution.

We intend to use the system independently. This will provide us the flexibility to carry out projects autonomously, without relying on external equipment or resources, which will allow us to quickly adapt to project requirements and improve operational efficiency“, confirms Bogdan. 

This autonomy grants 3Dimensions Discovery the flexibility to execute projects efficiently without relying on external resources, thereby enhancing operational agility and adaptability.

Mosaic X Mobile Mapping Camera and RIEGL system
Mosaic X Camera System integrated with RIEGL VMZ.

Market Perspectives

The collaboration between Mosaic 360° Mapping Cameras and 3Dimensions Discovery reflects the growing demand for advanced 3D scanning and surveying solutions in various industries. This integration not only sets a new benchmark for precision and efficiency but also underscores the commitment of both companies to innovation and client satisfaction.

It’s been a pleasure working with Blacklight on several projects in the last few years. They were one of the early supporters of Mosaic and quickly saw the potential of our mobile mapping cameras on the market. We’re excited that they have been bringing such interesting and enthusiastic customers as Bogdan and 3Dimensions Discovery. We look forward to our joint work in the Balkans.

Lynn Puzzo, Director of Sales & Marketing at Mosaic

About 3Dimensions Discovery

Grounded in a commitment to precision and quality, 3Dimensions Discovery pioneers 3D innovation, creating detailed, lifelike 3D scans and accurate terrain mapping for precise project insights. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to exceeding client expectations make them leaders in the industry.

Driven by a mission to revolutionize spatial understanding, 3Dimensions Discovery aims to empower clients with advanced 3D solutions that unlock new dimensions of project insights and efficiency. Their vision is to be the premier provider of 3D scanning and surveying services, renowned for their cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, and unwavering commitment to client success.


BLACK LIGHT is the authorized Mosaic distributor in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

With more than 30 years of activity and experience, BLACK LIGHT offers cutting-edge solutions from leading players in the geospatial industry, integrating state-of-the-art sensors, software, knowledge, and efficient workflows into an intelligent information ecosystem that provides clear data in real time.

BLACK LIGHT is focused on information technology that captures, measures, and visualizes data used in various fields of activity such as Geodesy, Engineering, GIS, Cartography, Construction, Architecture, Scanning and 3D Modeling, Lidar & Photogrammetry, and many more.

They were one of the first Mosaic partners to identify a rising demand for higher-resolution 360° cameras and were determined to bring them to their local clientele.