mosaic x camera in singapore with greehill and riegl lidar scanner

Mosaic X camera system added to greehill’s RIEGL mobile LiDAR system

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greehill announces the successful integration between their RIEGL mobile laser scanners and the recently-launched Mosaic X mobile mapping camera systems. This marks a new milestone for all companies involved, as the first successful customer integration of the Mosaic X camera system with a RIEGL VMX-2HA scanner.

This integration comes following the work done in late 2022 between RIEGL and Mosaic to fully integrate the Mosaic X camera systems with RIEGL’s V-Line Scanners which are some of the highest-performing and widely-recognized mobile laser scan systems in the world. The Mosaic X 360º camera system becomes the highest resolution 360º camera to become fully compatible with the RIEGL VMY-1, RIEGL VMY-2, RIEGL VMQ-1HA, and RIEGL VMX-2HA, enabling more photorealistic accuracy while recording 3D data of object surfaces in a time-efficient and highly-accurate manner.

You can read more about the integration between the two systems here.

greehill in singapore with mosaic x camera and riegl laser scanner (lidar)

Gyula Szabolcs Fekete, CTO & Co-Founder explains what the acquisition of 3 Mosaic X cameras brings to greehill:

“Integrating the Mosaic camera into our urban forest scanning system enables us to deliver accurate insights to our clients so they can make better decisions about how to manage their green assets. The addition of the Mosaic X cameras allows us to capture the urban environment with greater resolution and speed, which saves time, expense, and post-processing effort.”

The greehill platform uses 360-degree imagery and LiDAR technology to accurately visualize and analyze urban environments to drive better management decisions. Resolution is crucial for their clients, and it is a priority to have a seamless integration with their RIEGL VMX-2HA mobile laser scanner for mass data production. 

Fekete comments,

“The Mosaic X camera system provides the resolution and reliability we need to deliver the most accurate insights to our clients. The Mosaic camera and integration are very reliable, and the outputs meet our expectations and requirements. Feedback from the users will be delivered in the coming months, after they have the chance to test the platform in the field.”

Mosaic CEO Jeffrey Martin remarks, 

“We were extremely pleased to be offered the opportunity to work with greehill as we feel a common bond between our two companies as pioneers in our respective fields. We believe that their work is vital to improving the lives of citizens and green environments around the world. From the very beginning we were confident that the combination of our high-resolution images and their custom urban forest scanning system were a formidable match to capture the urban environment with high fidelity.”

urban green space mapping by greehill with mosaic x camera and riegl lidar scannera

About greehill

greehill is a tech company providing revolutionary insights that transform green space management and city planning. They are a key market player for nature-based smart city solutions. Their initiatives contribute to the digital transformation of the management of green areas. Employing digital tools such as AI to unlock the natural benefits provided by urban trees, the company’s mission is to enable cities to improve their resilience and the quality of life of their citizens in the face of climate change. greehill’s platform provides tools for predictive maintenance, developed to reduce risks from urban trees, while increasing the positive impact they perform on their environment. Accurate data collection enables the company to quantify the benefits provided by vegetation to urban areas, and their solution overall contributes to making cities less vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Founded in Singapore in 2017, greehill has grown rapidly into a multinational company with offices also in Berlin, Budapest, Paris, and San Francisco.

About Mosaic

Mosaic is the leading geospatial imaging expert currently on the market. They are the only company in the world building robust, 360° camera systems specifically for ground-level mapping and imaging at scale, with available services combining their hardware, logistics know-how, and delivery of data in one vertically integrated solution.

In only 3 years they have brought to market 3 mobile mapping cameras which are the highest resolution in the field. The robust design and first-class optics have provided enhanced data capture for their customers, increasing the speed of normal capturing abilities, and made the workflow more efficient. 

Mosaic was founded and is still based in Prague, Czech Republic, shipping camera systems to customers around the globe. They are on a mission to revolutionize the quality of data collected for mobile mapping with our 360º cameras and data capturing services.

You can meet greehill, Mosaic, and RIEGL at GEO Connect Asia 2023 in Singapore on March 15 -16, 2023. greehill will have one of their fully integrated systems with them at GEO Connect.

More information regarding GEO Connect Asia here:

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