Utility Companies

Utility Companies

Transform utility mapping with accurate, high-resolution 360° imagery and data collection for efficient asset management and surveying.

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Read case studies on how Mosaic camera systems are making a significant impact in large-scale mapping and surveying.

Choose one of Mosaics 360 cameras for utility companies and experience the benefits of remotely surveying, planning, maintaining, and taking inventory, all while avoiding costly damages and risks to their assets. No more regular site visits and manual surveying, all of that can be taken care of with our HD 360 camera.

Effective evaluation of infrastructure

Before undertaking a new utilities project, extensive information is necessary concerning other infrastructure in place and the surrounding environment.

The Mosaic 51 is a 360-degree camera capable of capturing all views of a given location, providing vital information such as the local vegetation, the gradient of the roads, and the occurrence of hills and mountains.

With this information utility companies will be able to properly plan, schedule, and budget their projects from a remote location.

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Remote inspection of assets and environment

Once a project has been completed, it is still necessary to stay in-the-know about the conditions concerning the utility pole, transformer, or pipes.

The natural environment and climate can be unpredictable and changes can occur at the drop of a hat, causing potential issues for utility companies.

It is necessary to maintain a real-time map of the area and the assets, which is not possible with manual surveys or site checks. But an HD camera with mobile mapping abilities, like Mosaic camera systems, is the perfect solution to handle these sorts of constraints.

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Keeping an eye on Mother Nature

Vegetation can be one of the most complicated issues for utility companies.

Unattended vegetation can lead to many problems down the road as it can interfere with cables, electrical lines, and poles.

Depending on the nature of the vegetation, it is possible that changes occur in a very short span of time, making it nearly impossible, or at the least, very expensive, for utility companies to stay on top of its management. However, mobile mapping technology is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to be on the lookout for possible problems.

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