XVN and Mosaic 51 on the roof

Mosaic and Movella Introduce Integration to Advance Mobile Mapping and Geospatial Analysis

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Revolutionizing Geospatial Precision: Mosaic and Movella Forge Strategic Integration

In a significant leap forward for the geospatial and mapping industries, Mosaic, a pioneer in mobile mapping camera systems, has joined forces with Movella, a renowned company in high-precision inertial sensor solutions, to introduce a revolutionary integration that promises to redefine precision and efficiency in mapping and 3D reconstruction projects.

This collaboration merges Mosaic’s cutting-edge Mosaic 51 and Mosaic X camera systems with Movella’s XVN, enhancing GIS platform integration and supporting extensive 3D reconstruction with unprecedented precision.

By utilizing precise IMU data generated by XVN and connecting it directly to the OBD port for enhanced positioning accuracy, this integration marks a significant milestone in mobile mapping technology.

The XVN and Mosaic 51 combination helps to achieve centimeter-level accuracy and high-quality imagery.

The XVN, fully integrated with Mosaic cameras, not only boosts GNSS precision with centimeter-level accuracy using RTK but also incorporates orientation information, eliminating the need for additional post-processing steps to achieve high-precision positioning. The seamless georeferencing of stitched images, including the embedding of orientation data, is automatically executed as part of the stitching process.

Mosaic Camera Systems – High Resolution and Reliable

Mosaic stands at the forefront of mobile mapping innovation with its advanced Mosaic 51 and Mosaic X camera systems, which redefine the standards for high-resolution, 360º street view imagery. The Mosaic 51 system is celebrated for its durability and superior imaging capabilities, capturing up to 12K resolution even in the most challenging environments, while the Mosaic X extends these capabilities, demonstrating unparalleled performance in extreme conditions and integrating seamlessly with photogrammetry technologies for comprehensive mapping at highway speeds. Together, these systems represent Mosaic’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower industries to efficiently collect and utilize high-precision geospatial data, driving forward the capabilities of urban planning, infrastructure maintenance, and beyond.

Obtain higher precision by combining a high-resolution 360° mapping camera with additional sensors.

A Dual RTK GNSS/INS and Vision-Enabled Navigation Unit Like No Other

Movella’s Vision Navigator stands out as a dual RTK GNSS/INS and vision-enabled navigation unit, adept at tracking accurate 3D position, velocity, and orientation in challenging outdoor and GNSS-denied environments. Supported by Visual Inertial Odometry technology, this innovation is set to empower users with capabilities previously unseen in the industry.

Jeffrey Martin, Mosaic’s CEO, explains thusly: 

“The XVN has significantly improved our 3D scanning and photogrammetry workflow, allowing us to achieve centimeter level accuracy measured in millimeters, even in challenging environments. This allows us to better automate our photogrammetry pipeline, even for large datasets.”

Speaking about the partnership, Rick Huiskamp, Account Executive, Movella, said

“Through our collaboration with Mosaic, we’re proud to introduce a groundbreaking integration that combines our expertise in precise motion tracking with Mosaic’s cutting-edge mobile mapping cameras. This integration not only sets new standards for accuracy and efficiency in mapping and 3D reconstruction but also opens doors to innovative applications across industries. Together,  we’re pioneering new horizons in geospatial analysis and unlocking untapped potentials for our clients worldwide.” 

Mosaic and Movella: Pioneering New Horizons Together

Mosaic has carved a niche in the market with its mobile mapping cameras, capturing 360º street view imagery with GPS coordinates and timestamps. The company’s ambition to venture into gaming, animation for video games, VFX, and the film industry aligns perfectly with Movella’s expertise and product innovations.

Movella brings to the table a 20-year legacy of innovation, particularly in IMU sensor technology, catering to a diverse range of sectors, including entertainment, health, sports, and automation. The company’s recent ventures into the surveying and mapping industry, complemented by Mosaic’s technological prowess, set the stage for a partnership that promises to unlock new potentials across various industries.

UK-based Creoplan, specializing in Network Planning, uses the Mosaic X 360° camera and Movella’s XVN to deliver precise data faster and more efficiently.

Early Success and Future Prospects

The integration has already seen early success, with users lauding the enhanced capabilities for precise mapping and surveying applications. As both companies eye expansion into new markets, this partnership is poised to not only meet the current demands of the surveying and mapping industry but also explore untapped opportunities in entertainment, health, and beyond.

Xsens Vision Navigator is a vision- and dual RTK GNSS/INS-enabled navigation module for tracking accurate 3D position, velocity, and orientation, even in challenging outdoor- and GNSS-denied environments.

Movella is a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and AI analytics that turn motion data into lifelike animations and actionable insights. Their motion-tracking technology enables a wide array of innovative solutions in end markets including entertainment and gaming, health and sports, and automation and mobility. They bring meaning to movement for some of the most esteemed global brands including Electronic Arts, EPIC Games, 20th Century Studios, Netflix, BMW, Toyota, and Siemens.