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3D Virtual Worlds for VFX and Gaming

Build virtual worlds of your cities and environments, compile your own private collection, and have real time engines at your fingertips.
I immediately saw the potential for what (Mosaic) is doing with what we are dealing with in the VFX world – mainly the difficulties of capturing large environments and large data sets, easily, quickly and at a reduced cost.
Bryan Grill
VFX Supervisor

Transform any asset into digital content for VFX & video games.

VFX legacy methods of pairing photographs, geospatial data, and point clouds are time consuming, expensive and labor intensive.

Mosaic’s mobile mapping cameras collect data

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Cheaper

Our models are

  • 100% photos
  • do NOT use any special effects, digital effects, etc.
  • do NOT require graphics artists either.

The current problems facing VFX & gaming studios

Demand is high

and only increasing. Don’t get left behind in building a virtual world of your assets; digital content in entertainment is up to 80-90% of budgets now.

Competition is fierce

Margins are low. Secure the highest quality assets to compete with the increasing number of VFX studios.

Current methods are costly

When capturing large outdoor spaces, data collection and processing require significant time and budget.

Lack of flexibility

You never quite know what you need at the start of a project, meaning you could you might not collect all of the necessary data.

What you can do with our cameras & data collection services:

Build virtual worlds which are realistic, easy to modify upon request, and ultimately give viewers a more intense experience.

3d model of a building in Prague shot with the Mosaic Viking

Create 3D models/meshes

accurately reconstruct the context of the scene

gray digital wallpaper

Create shaders and texture maps

add depth and life into assets

man in black jacket and black pants holding microphone

Chroma Key Compositing

better, larger backgrounds options in post production

silhouette of people holding umbrella

Backgrounds for virtual set

exquisite details for LED stages

person standing in front of train station

Match-moving and motion tracking

deliver the action which the audience is expecting

aerial photography of antelope

Accurate recovery of the camera track

overlapping images provide more robust object tracking

Move within a Virtual World - Extreme Definition

See the power and grace of Mosaic’s VFX solution for creating extremely realistic 3D reconstruction and 3D models – perfect for the virtual worlds in cinema, video gaming, and other media platforms. 

Watch in HD for full power and resolution!
If you are interested in the 3D model and the source data used to create this virtual world, contact us below.

Ideal solution for

man in white crew neck t-shirt wearing black sunglasses

Film Studios & Producers

Get better quality results faster and at more competitive costs

man in black shirt standing near black video camera

VFX Studios

Stay competitive with more efficient data collection for more options in post production

turned on LG flat screen monitor

VFX Artists

Save on time and energy by eliminating unnecessary tasks and focusing on more important ones

person holding clapperboard


Envision what the final product will look like during production. Make changes in real time, see effects, modify.

Why Mosaic?

Our 360° mobile mapping cameras and data collection services are better positioned to collect a larger amount of data, thereby expanding the environments and decreasing the workload for VFX artists in later stages. On top of that, they are:


Collect image data in minutes rather than days

Easier to handle

All you need is one vehicle and one driver

Better results

Achieve HDRI for more realistic environments

Less work

than LiDAR plus photography.

white printer paper with black texts

How Media and Entertainment Industries use Mosaic Solutions

Whether in developing a new video game, updating an old one, designing the set for the next animation blockbuster, visual effect artists need to create realistic environments.

Customers and users are demanding ultra high resolution, realistic scenes which make them feel that they are in the game or film. It adds to the intensity of the game, increasing both the thrill of the experience as well as the retention of the user.

Many visual effect artists depend on reference footage collected of the environment for use later in post production to fill in gaps in scenes, extend the physical frames of an image or add extra visual details to the environment.

With Mosaic’s 12K resolution and 22K resolution cameras, directors and artists can rest assured that they have collected the highest resolution images to use later. They can confidently collect the data once and reference it later on.

For accurate recovery of the camera track, it is necessary to recover the frame to frame position of the live action camera. This is a challenging task when working with images from multiple cameras. Some methods involve fusing the information from multiple cameras into a joint 3D motion calculation.

With one 360-degree camera that possesses overlapping sensors around the body of the camera, it is possible to achieve this in a meaningful way and lead to more robust object tracking and recognition.

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