Infrastructure Surveying

GIS Surveying with the Mosaic 360° cameras for infrastructure

Read a case study and watch a video on how Mosaic Mobile Mapping Solutions are transforming Infrastructure surveying.

Geographical information systems (GIS) allow data to become tangible and visible to humans by creating maps which answer important questions regarding spatial locations and features within those locations.

Mosaic 51 has been developed to aid surveyors, as well as companies, organizations and agencies who need data regarding infrastructure plans, construction and maintenance.

Accurately predict budgets and schedules

By knowing the layout of a given parcel of land, those involved in the infrastructure project will be able to accurately crunch the numbers with the knowledge of any potential obstacles, challenges and costs associated with the project.

This is true for projects such as digging and laying down new water treatment systems, placing a new wind turbine on private land in the country, or for the expansion of an apartment complex in the middle of a city. This can be utilized by the owner of the site as well as companies who are submitting a tender or offer for the job. With the proper data, they can confidently devise an offer which is based on accurate data.

Mosaic’s 360 cameras for infrastructure surveying were made specifically for these tasks.

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Remote Inspection of Roads

Two of the biggest challenges in surveying is manpower and traffic.

Traditional surveying requires significant man hours on the ground. It also often requires that foot or vehicle traffic be interrupted or slowed significantly in order to conduct the survey. With our 360 cameras for infrastructure mobile surveying in place, both of these issues are no longer a problem.

By remotely surveying road and building conditions from the safety of a vehicle, one driver can obtain the necessary data for a GIS without the need to cordon off roads, streets or highways.

For more information about road infrastructure and maintenance, see this article here.

Real-Time Inventory of Objects and Conditions

The world is rapidly changing around us and what was true yesterday is no longer true today.

This goes for the view out of a highrise apartment complex, the direction of a one-way street through a town, or the prevalence of road signs in an area susceptible to tropical storms or flooding. With Mosaic 51’s up-to-date method of capturing images and data, the corresponding GIS will stay current and offer only the most accurate data available.

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