mosaic x sample data set, on the highway, capturing data while driving 138 km/hr

New partnership aids Mosaic users to easily view data in 360º

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Now all Mosaic camera customers can seamlessly get their data into a supported 360º viewer – TRY FOR FREE first!

See how Mosaic customers benefit with a high resolution 360º player for street view

Mosaic recently partnered with 360camsters to provide our customers with a user-friendly and efficient way to view their 360º images in a street view player, quickly and without needing to operate other complex software solutions. 

How it started

Mosaic brought to market an innovative new product in the mobile mapping industry several years ago. 

The Mosaic 51 was the first 12k camera of its kind – specifically built to be a robust, reliable street-view data capturing machine that also delivers high resolution images. 


  • The only standalone unit – built-in GPU/CPU means you don’t need a cumbersome, complicated, or expensive workstation in the vehicle while capturing
  • The industrial-grade construction and durability ensures a long life, reliable use and the ability to withstand harsh climates and conditions. 
  •  The daily operations of the camera are extremely easy and require next to no training. The job can be done by nearly anyone.
    See just how easy it is to get the Mosaic 51 and Mosaic X cameras out of their boxes and onto your vehicle →
  • Data is NON-vendor locked so customers are able to use the post-processing software of their choosing (in-house, 3rd party, etc.).

Along the way customers have asked for assistance in choosing post-processing software. 

Hence our first partnership with MistikaVR. This partner provides the best stitching for our cameras and does it at an optimal speed, utilizing properly all computation resources, including GPU. 

Learn more about our partnership with MistikaVR here → 

This has been an ideal solution for our customers who use more complex GIS software such as ESRI, Bentley, Manifold or their own in-house solution and simply need the data from the Mosaic images (6 frames per view) stitched perfectly. 

In addition, several customers have asked for help when selecting a 360º viewer (similar to Google Street View). And so we have partnered with 360camsters. This continues our offer to our customers of the easiest solution on the market for 360º mobile mapping data collection – from setting it up, capturing, processing and viewing. 

What is 360camsters

360camsters is part of Streetview Technology GmbH, a German high-tech company, located near Frankfurt. Founded in 2010, Streetview Technology GmbH serves the international geospatial industry for all things Mobile Mapping with 360 cameras.

Data capture to viewing in 5 easy steps

  1. Capture
    Drive and collect data with your Mosaic 360º mobile mapping camera.
  2. Copy data
    Transfer the data from the camera’s SSD to your PC.
  3. Import
    Open 360 Private Publisher and import your recordings.
  4. Customize
    Work with the tools provided (see below for examples) and customize by adjusting the layout, UI, and language.
  5. Create and display
    Process, then display the player locally, ftp it to your server, or upload to the cloud with the built-in “one-click-publisher“.

What the final result with look like 

Here are two examples from our two cameras.

Mosaic 51 street-view data displayed in the 360camsters street view player

Check out an example from Mosaic X data we captured recently. In this sample data, we were traveling at 138 km/hr on the highway! 

Be sure to check out the underside of this bridge (overpass) on the highway:

The fact that the Mosaic X is a global shutter camera, the stitching is perfect even in this very demanding situation – high speed and harsh lighting conditions.

Current features and tools

  • Check your coverage by having recordings from many weeks on the same map.
  • Removes duplicates from roads recorded more than once.
  • Create timelines to compare with previous year recordings.
  • Configure the player’s layout, UI and language.
  • Add your own watermark, logo and a link to your website.
  • Pick a map from 40 providers of maps and aerial images. Or bring your own custom map.
  • Get road names from OSM.

How Mosaic customers win

All Mosaic customers – current and future can benefit in 3 ways:

  1. Free Access
    You can take advantage of a one-week free trial on 360camsters which gives you unlimited access for the full version of the 360º viewer. This means no watermark, no limitations and even customer support. 
  2. Camera specific
    Our partnership with 360camsters means that this workflow works specifically well for Mosaic cameras, supporting the full 12288 x 6144 pixel resolution in the player.
  3. Share as you like
    You are in control of how to share your 360 player, where to host and who can see your data. 

To learn more about how to get this deal – contact us at [email protected] and we can get you started viewing your 360º street-view data with ultra clarity, max resolution, and incredible speed.