free mistika vr trial for mosaic customers

Mistika VR offers FREE 90-day trial to Mosaic customers

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Unleash your Mosaic camera with free 90-day trial of Mistika VR

All new Mosaic customers will receive a FREE Mistika VR trial

Mistika VR is the certified Optical Flow stitching solution for your Mosaic camera. This is the 360 video stitching software that we have been using since we started testing the data we collect with our Mosaic cameras. 

Mistika VR provides the best stitching for our cameras and does it at an optimal speed, utilizing properly all computation resources, including GPU.

Ilia Shipachev, Mosaic Computer Vision Engineer
Mosaic and Mistika VR special promo: 90-day free trial of Mistika VR
*The offer extends to all Mosaic cameras: Mosaic 51, Mosaic X and Mosaic Viking.

What is Mistika VR

Adopted by the global VR community, Mistika VR allows you to create truly immersive content and obtain exceptional results in just a few simple clicks. It’s award-winning Optical Flow Technology allows you to quickly stitch 360º/180º media and manipulate every aspect of the stitch to deliver high-quality results no matter the difficulty of the project. Among its professional features you’ll find one-click stabilization, complete Stereo 3D toolset, Keyframes, VR Headset Preview and so much more! To find out more, visit the Mistika VR website

How to get your FREE Mistika VR Trial

Mistika VR has made it easy for Mosaic customers to access their free 90-day trial. Here’s how:

  1. Buy a Mosaic camera (Mosaic 51, Mosaic X or Mosaic Viking).
  2. Visit the Mistika VR website. Click on the “Log In” button in the top right corner and select the “Sign up” option (if you do not have an account yet).
  3. Once you’re signed up, log in.
  4. Choose the product using this link. 
  5. At checkout, enter your unique 100% coupon received by email from us here at Mosaic. (this will bring the total to ZERO)
  6. Place an order and check your email for the activation code (it might take a minute or two).
  7. Download Mistika VR right from the email by clicking on Windows or Apple icon. You can also download the file from your personal account on
  8. Install Mistika VR and enjoy a free 90-day trial!

To learn more about the promo and what you get, check it out here.

If you haven’t received the promo code yet from us, please contact our team: [email protected] 

***UPDATED JUNE 2023***

Mosaic Stitching and Geo-Referencing Tool

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new in-house built tool, developed to help customers simplify the stitching process by reducing the number of clicks needed AND also enabling geo-referencing of their images!

Our team of software engineers developed a special tool that helps our customers render panorama images and integrate with positional data.

****Just a heads up: Before beginning, you must have MistikaVR installed on your computer. Be sure to consult the ‘Readme’ file first in the corresponding documentation.

The first users note that

it worked flawlessly and helped us a lot.

Watch the video showing how to work with the new tool:

This GUI Tool is available to all Mosaic customers free of charge – just contact your sale rep today.

Now you’ve stitched it – where to view it?

Want to go further with your Mosaic imagery and publish in your own private 360 viewing platform (similar to your own Google Street View)?

And if you haven’t checked out the private viewer and publishing platform we work with, you can learn more here.