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Mosaic visited several conferences and trade shows in autumn 2022 with positive reception 

FIG – meeting the International Federation of Surveyors 

From September 11-15, 2022, Mosaic’s sales team visited FIG in Warsaw, Poland for the first time. There they joined the FIG Conventional for the International Federation of Surveyors which brings together surveying professionals from around the world for a week-long conference devoted to sharing the latest ideas of innovations in their field and what is still to come.

Mosaic CEO Jeffrey Martin at FIG 2022 in Warsaw, poland
Jeffrey Martin, Mosaic CEO and co-founder arriving at FIG

The conference was the first of its sort for Mosaic, as we have been working primarily with the mobile mapping industry for over 2 years now. The surveying industry proved to be a demanding audience, as they all stressed the importance for centimeter level accuracy when collecting data.

However, many were excited and enthusiastic as they understood that the Mosaic line of 360º mobile mapping cameras are able to achieve the required cm-level accuracy with the addition of external GNSS devices. 

Jeffrey Martin, Mosaic CEO at FIG 2022 with Ghanian representative (hosts of FIG 2024)
Congrats to the Ghana team – great marketing.
We hope to join you in 2024 in Accra 

mosaic 51 sitting on top of robot dog at FIG
The Mosaic 51 hopping a ride on SATLAB’s robotic dog.

To get a view of the whole conference, check out this video courtesy of our CEO Jeffrey Martin: 

See FIG through the eyes of Mosaic!

Mosaic at InterGEO 2022

For the second time in 12 months, Mosaic traveled to Germany to participate in InterGEO 2022, considered to be one of the biggest geospatial events of the year. 

This year we were joined in Essen, Germany from October 18th-20th, with 457 exhibitors from 31 countries, and around 14,000 trade visitors from 102 countries. The international lecture program with more than 120 speakers drew over 1,000 conference participants to Essen. 

Check out last year’s summary of InterGEO 2021

A lot has changed in that time, both for InterGEO and for Mosaic. Last year our team was considerably smaller than last year and our name was not as well known among the community.  

It was great to be at InterGEO for a second time and see a much fuller crowd than last year. We were extremely busy for the majority of the 3 days, with visits from prospective customers, old friends and colleagues and new partners and many meetings throughout. The geospatial industry has welcomed our company and our cameras with great enthusiasm.

– Jeffrey Martin, Mosaic CEO
mosaic 360º camera booth at intergeo 2022 (2)

mosaic 360º camera booth at intergeo 2022

The Mosaic team, including Jeffrey Martin, CEO, Jost Faganel, COO, Rostislav Lisovy, VP of Engineering and Lynn Puzzo, Head of Sales, met with various interested customers and potential partners.

mosaic core team at intergeo 2022 meeting with partners

Mosaic team members Jost Faganel and Rostislav Lisovy meet with Mosaic customer from Field (formerly TerraTec).

Much of this success is thanks to a lot of hard work by the Mosaic team, as well as some collaborations with other partners, allowing us to quickly make a name for ourselves. 

What’s changed since 2021

1. We brought to full production 2 more 360º mobile mapping cameras: the Mosaic Viking and the Mosaic X

(Can you find all 3 Mosaic cameras in this photo?)

2. We integrated the Mosaic 51 and Mosaic X with external GNSS to offer our customers ‘out-of-the-box’ cm-level accuracy 

3. We partnered with MistikaVR, providing our customers with an easy workflow to effortlessly stitch and geotag their 360º images.

4. We partnered with RIEGL, ensuring that our latest, global shutter camera, the Mosaic X  is compatible with RIEGL’s line of Mobile Laser Scanning Systems.

Our recent announcement of our partnership with industry leader RIEGL and their laser scanners drew considerable attention. It is this very sort of combination of geospatial data and devices that can assist our customers in collecting richer data.

The pairing between 360° imaging systems and mobile laser scanning systems, results in high precision LiDAR-based point clouds, colorized by photo-realistic images. This outcome will then have the benefit of both a precise point cloud and panoramic images – for precise measurements and evaluation of textures.

– Rostislav Lisovy, Mosaic co-founder and VP of engineering

As promised, visitors were literally allowed to get their hands on all 3 of our devices and many took us up on the offer. 

The most common remark, 

Wow, this thing is SOLID!

As one employee from Mosaic customer COWI once stated about the Mosaic 51,

Yours can be sent into orbit!

Digital Twining

This year, the organizers placed a special focus on digital twins. Today, digital twins are considered the instruments to unite static and dynamic, real-time information and to fulfill important tasks as a reflection of reality. Cooperation, collaboration, and the sharing of information are crucial for the success of the digitalization of city, country, and space.

Perhaps it was due to this focus on digital twins that drew so many to our booth to check out our line of cameras and the impressive results of our 3D modeling with data collected from them. 

Check out some of those videos here:

carlson presents mosaic with a bottle of Kentucky bourbon
New friends from FIG became old friends at InterGEO! Carlson presented us with a bottle of the finest Kentucky Bourbon! 

What’s next for Mosaic

We look forward to 2023 and the next geospatial events! See you all soon.