Mosaic at InterGeo 2021, Hannover, Germany, geospatial trade show and conference

Mosaic at InterGeo 2021 and beyond – taking to the streets and the skies

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Mosaic begins to venture into the real world and meet customers, partners, and even competitors around the world.
Check out where Mosaic has been so far in 2021 and we we are going later this year and beyond. See dates below.

Hitting the road – just like our cameras

Mosaic was created, developed, and built during the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Despite being physically relegated to our homes, home offices, workrooms, and studios, we managed to build a team and a company which has quickly become known through out the industry as the leader in 360-degree camera solutions for mobile mapping, offering the highest resolution imagery in the market. While some of us might have reveled in the fact that we could work remotely, not having to shave, get dressed up, or commute to work we did miss out on some of the more social aspects of working in person – both with our colleagues within Mosaic, as well as our partners and customers. 

That’s why Mosaic CEO, Jeffrey Martin, was more than thrilled once he got the opportunity to stretch his legs and get back on the road – starting this summer. 

Visiting Customers

Martin visited one of our customers, WGI, a U.S. services firm, providing solutions for the construction of public infrastructure and real estate development to hand-deliver one of our Mosaic 51 cameras in May. He got to ride along with Christian Stewart, Senior Mobile LiDAR Specialist, to see how WGI is taking advantage of our 12K resolution / 72 MP images, as well as enjoy the sun of California. They were so elated with the new addition to their systems, that they wrote a little about the integration.

…our Geospatial team recently acquired a Mosaic 51 – one of the best 360º camera setups on the market today. This addition to the Geospatial Team’s Mobile LiDAR collection provides 72 MP of high-resolution imagery & allows us to offer a more robust dataset to our teams and our clients.

WGI Team
Mosaic 51 being hand-delivered to WGI in California, by CEO Jeffrey Martin.
Jeffrey Martin, Mosaic CEO, hand-delivered this Mosaic 51 to our customer WGI in May 2021.

They wrote that the, “…very high-resolution imagery for texturizing 3-D models….enables the ability to explore the generation of 3D models utilizing imagery structure from motion….”

WGI has added the Mosaic 51 to their robust mobile mapping system to, “allow the team to extract linework and points from the point cloud with finer detail than we could have achieved in the past. This will provide for a richer GIS-based data set from which AR models will be generated.”

Our First Trade Show 

Then in mid September, Martin and Marketing Manager, Lynn Puzzo, enjoyed a short but extremely informative and eye-opening trip to Hannover, German to attend the InterGeo Trade show. This is one of the most well-known geospatial conferences in Europe, as well as the world. This year it brought together specialists in the fields of UAV / Drones, BIM, Smart City, and GeoInnovation.

Mosaic – 360-degree mobile mapping cameras at the 2021 InterGeo Show in Hannover, Germany.

Normally the show is quite large with close to 700 exhibitors and over 20,000 visitors from around the globe. However this year, the scene was a bit more intimate. There were a total of 251 exhibitors – Mosaic among them, as well as several thousand visitors. 

As it was our first official trade show, we were excited to finally mingle (at a safe distance) from our current partners and customers. Since we’d never been to InterGeo before, we had to believe our new friends and neighbors that past trade shows had been significantly busier and crowded. But this year’s vibe suited us just fine. 

Despite our less than ideal location, we had a steady flow of passers-by who were very interested in our Mosaic camera solutions. Many of them expressed the fact that they have been looking for a replacement or an addition to their current mobile mapping solution

Mosaic CEO Jeffrey Martin in Mosaic’s booth with colleagues from IGI Systems, InterGeo 2021.

The Mosaic 51 really caught the eye of quite a few companies who admired its robust frame and connections. Not to mentions its superior resolution compared to a certain other camera that we all know will soon be obsolete. 

However, the Mosaic Viking may have stolen the show, as many visitors oohed and aahed at the 22k resolution. And once they learned about its ability to produce the perfect images for coloring point clouds, they were hooked.   

Jeffrey also maintained a demanding schedule of meetings with other potential customers, some current ones, plus a few friends. 

Mosaic Networking and Connections at InterGeo 2021

We wanted to give shout outs to some of our most memorable contacts which we established during the event:

Probably the most recognizable and most popular visitor to InterGeo was the Boston Dynamics dog – Spot. Several of the exhibitors had different colored Spots, fixed with their own systems. Martin and Lynn both got pretty amped up at seeing Spot in action.

Boston Dynamics dog Spot at the 2021 InterGeo show in Hannover, Germany, carrying a Riegl device.
Boston Dynamics dog spot, equipped with a Reigl VZ400i, a cutting-edge 3D Laser Scanning System.
Mosaic's marketing manager, Lynn Puzzo, at InterGeo 2021 in Hannover, Germany - excited about the Boston Dyanmics robotic dog Spot, equipped with a mobile mapping device.
Mosaic Marketing Manager – very excited to see the Boston Dynamics dog Spot in action.

But of course, we made some human connections as well. 

IGI – Integrated Geospatial Integrations Systems was quick to share some useful information about the fair, as well as their coffee. Many thanks to Christian, Jens, and Valerio for being good neighbors. 

Martin got to sit down with a Mosaic partner: SmartDelta and had a great time talking with CEO/CTO Rene Bolhuis

Martin’s friend Holger Schulze surprised us and stopped by our booth.

He very kindly wrote this about Martin:

Meeting with my old #Gigapixel-Friend Jeffrey Martin at the #InterGeo in Hannover. He is the developer of the very interesting high resolution 360-degree camera for #streetview and #photogrammetry. 

Holger Schulze and Jeffrey Martin, old buddies and creators of the largest gigapixel image of London from 2013, reunite at InterGeo 2021 in Hannover, Germany
Holger Schulze and Jeffrey Martin at the InterGeo show 2021 in Hannover, Germany.

Martin responded with:

It was great seeing my old panoramic imaging pal Holger Schulze at Intergeo! It’s been a long time (8 years!) since we shot the world record London 320 gigapixel image together…

Mauro Contraffato, another longtime friend of Martin’s and several colleagues at 3D Target stopped by the booth to catch up. 3D Target specializes in laser scanning, tracking and infrared solutions, as well as UAV/UAS. 

Overall, we got some truly innovative ideas while on location. Some related to new uses for our camera solutions. Others related to new camera solutions which some of our customers and those in the field might be interested in. And some in regards to integrations with other systems and software which could create some impressive and ground-breaking innovations.

One of the many new technologies Mosaic learned about during the InterGeo show 2021.
NavVis at the InterGeo 2021 conference offered an innovative way of mobile mapping on foot.

Future events and opportunities to meet the Mosaic team

We’ve decided we like these shows so much we plan on attending a few more in the upcoming months. If you are interested in meeting us face to face, come visit us at one of these upcoming events:

Geo Business – London, ExCel – 24-25, November 2021

Geo Week – Denver – 6-8, February 2022 

Geo Connect – Singapore – 23-24, March 2022 

How to meet the Mosaic team in person

If you’re looking to meet us at Geo Business, make sure to secure your meeting with Martin and the team here.

And if you’re interested in meeting us anywhere else, drop a message in the contact form below.