• The most advanced 360º camera in the world

    Mosaic 51 is a Robust 360 Camera for Mobile Mapping, Street View,
    Surveying, and Infrastructure Inspection.

    It is designed and built in Europe.

    Built from the ground up to be durable and future proof

    Built for Street view / mobile mapping, HD map collection, Surveying, and related 360º imaging applications such as VFX, HDR light probes for CGI backplates, etc.

    • Highest resolution streetview camera on the market
    • Google OSC (Google Streetview Open Spherical Camera API) compliant
    • Designed and manufactured in Europe
    • 10fps h.264 (120Mbps per sensor)
    • 7fps 12-bit Compressed RAW (up to 8:1) in full resolution
    • Onboard hot-swappable USB 3.0 storage
    • External SSD or NAS (up to 16TB storage) 
    • High end centimeter-precision GPS with active antenna, RTK-ready 
    • 9-axis IMU
    • 4G LTE Modem for monitoring, control, and OTA updates
    • Sealed and water-resistant housing
    • Protected lenses, easily replaced when scratched
    • Integrated GPU for AI inference (object detection) and realtime image processing
    • No vendor lock-in
  • Features and Benefits

    We have been in the 360-degree imaging industry for over 15 years,
    and we understand this medium.


    With years of camera hardware development experience behind us,
    we are confident in saying that we have built the best 360 camera for mapping.


    We've included the most important things, and said "no" to everything else.

    Top of the line, protected optics

    • Six 12-Megapixel image sensors (Five in a circle, and one pointing up) giving 12K resolution panoramas, unsurpassed in this class
    • Microsecond-level synchronization (sync measured in microseconds, not milliseconds)
    • 125º x 95º lenses utilizing all pixels on the sensor, with just enough overlap giving a good balance of overlap vs. resolution. 
    • Minimal stretching/distortion of the source images means that the actual resolution in the final panorama is consistent across the whole image, including straight up
    • Image Sensors with proper thermal management, giving noise-free operation even in the harshest environments
    • Replaceable flat glass lens covers means that expensive servicing should never be necessary. Other products use fragile and accident-prone hemispherical fisheye lenses which are impossible to protect. This means that the lenses must be made to be waterproof (higher cost) and as soon as they have any scratch, they require manufacturer servicing. 

    Advanced, ultra-precise GPS

    • Connecting to up to 4 GNSS networks simultaneously (GPS, Galilleo, Glonass, BeiDou) for precision measured in centimeters
    • Active dual-band antenna giving fix in seconds, and a precise location even in urban canyons
    • Dead Reckoning allows positioning in tunnels and indoors for up to approx 15 minutes with sub 5-meter accuracy
    • RTK ready

    Amazing 12-bit compressed RAW images or h.264

    Up to 8:1 compressed RAW. Another game-changer for efficiency

    • Option for internal removable storage: m.2 disk, up to 2TB capacity, hot swappable
    • Option for external USB 3.0 storage, up to 8TB capacity, hot swappable
    • Secure mounting hardware for hassle-free mounting to any car roof rack

    Aerospace-Grade Construction and Durability

    • Military-grade water resistant connectors for power, ethernet, USB
    • IP67, fully sealed, passively cooled
    • Extensive heat sinking allowing flawless operation even in the hottest environments

    AES 256-bit encryption

    • We've had security in mind from the beginning, and have built our operating system and data acquisition with this in mind
    • Option for data acquisition with 256-bit encryption is available out of the box, allowing full confidentiality and GDPR compliance
    • Not even the driver / camera operator has access to the files that the camera creates (if you want it that way.)

    Built-in GPU - not one but two!

    True Edge computing is here: You can do AI inference tasks right on the camera!

    • Mosaic is the only 360 camera on the market with not one, but TWO built-in GPUs, delivering 3 Teraflops of compute capacity.
    • Face detection, ALPR (automatic license plate recognition), street sign detection, and many other AI inference tasks are now possible
    • Save only the images that you want to, based on specific criteria, resulting in a 10-100X savings in storage and data transmission

    And More


    • Option for internal removable storage: m.2 disk, up to 2TB capacity
    • Option for external USB 3.0 storage, up to 8TB capacity, hot swappable
    • Secure mounting hardware for hassle-free mounting to any car roof rack
  • Image Samples

    You can find our Street View imagery on Mapillary which is constantly growing.


    Additional sample image files are available on request,
    including full 12K-resolution video samples - just contact us.

  • Contact us

    Product or Partnership inquiries? Want to see sample data? Or just a question? We'll get back to you right away.