• The most advanced 360º camera in the world

    Mosaic51 is a Robust 360 Camera for Mapping, Surveying, and Infrastructure Inspection

    Designed and Built in Europe

    Built from the ground up to be durable and future proof

    Built for Street view / mobile mapping, HD map collection, Surveying, and related 360º imaging applications such as VFX, HDR light probes for CGI backplates, etc.

    • Highest resolution streetview camera on the market
    • Google OSC (Google Streetview Open Spherical Camera API) compliant
    • Designed and manufactured in Europe
    • 10fps h.264 (120Mbps per sensor)
    • 7fps 12-bit Compressed RAW (up to 8:1) in full resolution
    • Onboard hot-swappable USB 3.0 storage
    • External SSD or NAS (up to 16TB storage) 
    • High end centimeter-precision GPS with active antenna, RTK-ready 
    • 9-axis IMU
    • 4G LTE Modem for monitoring, control, and OTA updates
    • Sealed and water-resistant housing
    • Protected lenses, easily replaced when scratched
    • Integrated GPU for AI inference (object detection) and realtime image processing
    • Bullet Resistant option available
    • No vendor lock-in
  • Image Samples

    Additional sample image files are available on request, including full 12K-resolution video samples - just contact us.

  • Contact Us

    For additional pricing and specifications, please contact us. We will reply in under 24 hours.