Mosaic Image & Video Gallery

Mosaic 360° cameras in action
Mosaic's mobile mapping cameras are leading the field of high resolution imagery.

We are revolutionizing the way we capture images and enabling many industries to capitalize on what was once an unobtainable dream. See for yourself with these incredible video clips and 360° images.


The most robust mobile mapping camera
  • 12.3K resolution 
  • 6 x 12MP sensors
  • 12K resolution
  • crispest, cleanest images
  • built-in GPU 


Where speed meets accuracy in 360º street view mobile mapping

  • 13.5K resolution
  • 6 x 31MP sensors
  • 22K resolution
  • extreme power and speed
  • ideal for 3D modeling and 3D reconstructions 


The world’s highest resolution mobile mapping camera

  • 12.3K resolution 
  • All-in-one-solution, on-board GPU, no computer necessary
  • Robust industrial grade construction, IP64, use it anywhere no matter the environment


  • 14K resolution
  • 360º Spherical Panorama Capture
  • Cutting-Edge 360º x 120º LiDAR Capture
  • Versatile Scanning Power