Mosaic Imagery & Video Gallery

Through the lens of Mosaic’s 360° mobile mapping cameras


The most robust mobile mapping camera
  • 12.3K resolution 
  • 6 x 12MP sensors
  • Rolling shutter sensors
  • Robust & reliable
  • Onboard GNSS, GPU & storage


Where speed meets accuracy in 360º street view capture

  • 13.5K resolution
  • 6 x 12MP sensors
  • Global shutter sensors
  • All-in-one system
  • Ideal for 3D modeling and 3D reconstructions 


World’s highest resolution mobile mapping camera

  • 20K resolution 
  • 6 x 31MP sensors
  • Global shutter sensors
  • Robust industrial grade, IP64, use it anywhere no matter the environment


The “capture anywhere” solution

  • 14K resolution
  • 360º spherical panorama capture
  • Cutting-edge 360º x 120º LiDAR Capture
  • Versatile scanning power

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