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Check out where we’ve been traveling to the last few months

mosaic 51 on the road in 2023

Geo Week – Denver, Colorado – February 13-15, 2023

Our second visit to Geo Week was an incredible experience for Mosaic with so many brilliant minds from around the world, passionate about advancing geospatial technologies and applications!

We took the opportunity in Denver to do some demos of the Mosaic 51 camera for visitors to Geo Week. Check out this video to hear what our testers had to share: 

Some of the best testimony from those who dared to take a spin with us!

“The camera for geeks!”

“Idiot proof”

Hear the honest and unbiased feedback from those who just had a ride with our Mosaic 51: 

➕ IP rating

➕ easy to interact with

➕ tasily mount on the car

➕ single mounting point

➕ controlled through the web server

➕ high resolution allows to pick up of roadside assets

➕ minimal training required

We also had lots of guests at our booth. Some partners, several customers and others interested to see the now fully released Mosaic X camera. 

CEO Jeffrey Martin spoke with former Cesium, Director of Ecosystem Growth, Muthu Sampath. Mosaic has been utilizing the power of Cesium’s 3D geospatial platform to highlight the data we collect and process into highly dense and rich 3D models.

Check out one of the models we’ve created and displayed on Cesium here:

Check out the full 3D model here. (This was built using data collected from the Mosaic X camera and drone data, with 17 minutes of driving and 1800 images per camera + drone surveying)

Mark Yendon from Google stopped by to say hi to the Mosaic team and check out our cameras as well. 

One of the best parts of any show is getting to see our valued customers in person. Here are two Mosaic customers: Peter from Place (left) and Mike Vorce from Site Tour 360 (right).

Place is one of our earlier customers with a great story behind their beginnings and their goals. Find out more about how they are using geospatial information to map the urban world in ultra-high resolution and make these maps open, reliable and accessible for sustainable growth, development and climate resiliency.

Site Tour 360 is an expert in reality capture and 360º imagery and has done some truly amazing things with our camera in a short time. Last year they showed us a brand new way to take advantage of the quick setup and high quality data with our cameras and a simple post processing workflow. 

 ⇒  You can read more about their success following Hurricane Ian and the use of the Mosaic 51 for post disaster street-view capture

And if you want to get an even better view of Geo Week, you can see what Mike Vorce from Site Tour 360 captured one night after all of the visitors left with his Matterport camera covering 60,000 SQ FT in about 1.5 hours.

Vorce also brought with him his own design for a forward facing mount and our Mosaic team tested it out, including CEO Martin who took it for a spin around the exhibition hall.  

Lynn and Michel Besner from prevu3D – another collaborative 3D software.
Pictured above are Philippe Marciniak and Manish Singh from Bentley who came to see the cameras that are providing the images capable of creating some of the high quality 3D textured meshes.

Gogeomatics (image above courtesy of their staff) wrote up a great summary and highlighted some of the ‘coolest’ stuff from Geo Week 2023 – including the Mosaic X shown here! 

⇒  You can read more about it here

Natural Disasters Expo – Miami Beach – March 1-2, 2023 

​​In early March we visited the Natural Disasters Expo in Miami Beach to learn more about the natural disaster and emergency response industry. 

Not sure how 360º cameras relate to this area?

 ⇒  Check out our article here.

There we met with several government agencies and service providers to emergency response organizations, including the Florida DOT (Department of Transportation), Florida Division of Emergency Management, and members of FEMA to discuss ways in which the combination of high resolution images and a easy to implement workflow could benefit them and their communities in post natural disaster management, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and storms. 

We also took in some of the informative discussions related to how those communities affected by natural disaster can better prepare ahead of time as well as respond to after the events.

Mayor of West Miami Eric Diaz-Padro and Commissioner Ivan Chavez, Jr. provided an inside perspective into the considerations and planning within a local government in dealing with natural disasters in South Florida.

Kevin Guthrie, Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management discussed the importance of preparedness before disasters strike, lessons learned from recent disasters and improving recovery processes for a more resilient Florida.

Former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Dave Hearn is now Co-Founder & Director of Operations of Crisis Relief and Recovery. He discussed the importance of local, regional, and national partners in disaster relief efforts.

Crystal Schaefer, District Emergency Management Specialist of the Florida Department of Transportation spoke about how the FDOT responded to Hurricane Ian immediately deploying teams for inspections, debris removal and emergency repairs. In particular, she detailed Debris Removal and Emergency Repairs efforts. 

Geo Connect – Singapore – March  15-16, 2023

Geospatial solutions are becoming more applicable in more industries, especially in the Southeast Asia region, and while we have been shipping cameras to many customers in this region of the world for the last several years, we were happy to use this opportunity to meet and discuss developments and opportunities in person.

Our first visit to Geo Connect in Singapore was a success! The team enjoyed escaping the end of winter in Prague and took in the beautiful sights of Singapore’s magnificent business district. 

But probably one of the best parts of visiting Singapore was sharing space with some of our partners and customers within the exhibition itself. 

We were right next to one of our integration partners – RIEGL – with whom we completed a full integration of our Mosaic X camera systems with their V-Line LiDAR scanners. 

Learn more about the integration here. ⇒ Keep reading.

And across the aisle was greehill, our first successful customer integration of the Mosaic X camera system with a RIEGL VMX-2HA scanner.

You can learn more about how greehill is helping land management companies and urban developers improve their urban forests and greenspaces with high-powered hardware and AI  ⇒ Keep reading

Greehill’s CEO Gabor Goertz and Peter Sasi, Vice President Asia-Pacific discuss with Mosaic VP of Engineering.

We were also visited by other industry-leading companies, such as Topcon, Leica, Hexagon and more, all interested to understand about the versatility of Mosaic cameras – both as standalone units, as well as integral parts of larger, mobile mapping systems – complimenting many of the other players in the market – LiDAR, GNSS, and IMU sensors. 

Our tech talk was titled:

The Next Generation 360 Camera System Becoming the Industry Standard Solution

The focus was on the fact that in just a few years in the field, Mosaic camera systems have become the new go-to 360º mobile mapping camera for street-view mapping and road / infrastructure surveying thanks to the robust frame, high resolution images, and flexibility in mounting, integration and post processing. Use cases include a wide range from post disaster management to utility inspection to full country-wide mapping.

What’s next for Mosaic in 2023?

The Mosaic team will be traveling to Geo Business in London from May 17-18th (get in touch early to arrange a meeting).  

And be sure to catch us at InterGeo 2023 in Berlin later this year, from October 10-12th.