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How 360 camera solutions are solving problems in 12 different markets (and counting)

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Our advanced 360-degree camera is unique throughout the world and the reason we are able to offer so many different industries, companies, and governments the solutions they need to gather and understand data to better serve themselves, their clients and their communities. See how our mobile-mapping camera uses surveying capabilities to solve difficult and complicated issues that affect each and every one of us.

See the versatility of 360 camera solutions by the Mosaic 51

Smart Cities


Smart cities seem like a thing of the future, yet they are all around us. There are already cities throughout the world using advanced technology to capture and gather data, gaining valuable insight to help efficiently operate the resources and services of the city. This requires highly precise measuring devices such as sensors, monitors, and electronic methods which are able to be integrated with various processing systems used by governments and private corporations.

One of the most important technologies required is a state-of-the-art 360 degree camera, capable of providing detailed insight into the makeup of the city. Explore more in depth how the Mosaic 51, with versatile 360 camera solutions, is helping make cities smarter.

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Local Governments

local governments and 360 degree camera solutions

Local and municipal governments are at the forefront of many difficult and overwhelming tasks such as assessing real estate property and businesses for tax purposes, planning the layout of infrastructure, maintaining the correct placement of street signs and traffic markings, inspecting roads for cracks and potholes, and facilitating public spaces for their citizens. With the speed at which the world operates, these are ever changing and ever increasingly complex issues which need to be met with forward thinking technology.

The 360 camera by Mosaic is able to provide local governments with the necessary data so that they can make the proper decisions regarding the well-being of their inhabitants.

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Central Governments

Central Governments

Central governments are tasked with implementing or maintaining infrastructure across multiple provinces. Their need for data concerning energy distribution, water systems, and interstate or inter province roadways is vital in order to anticipate the needs of the towns, villages and cities within their regions. They need a solution which can gather and process data faster and more efficiently than typical surveying methods.

That’s where Mosaic 51 comes in. With GIS capabilities, central governments can quickly determine where they need to focus their attention and funds.

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Utility Companies

Utility Companies and 360 degree camera solutions.

Whether digging and laying down new fiber optic lines or deciding when to send out workers to handle vegetation management, utility companies need to stay up to date with the latest information concerning the condition of the land, assets, and important signage found on public and private roadways. It is a costly and time consuming task to stay on top of these conditions, meaning that many projects go unattended for too long.

With impressive 12K resolution and a highly-precise GPS, the Mosaic 51 can capture images and inform utility companies about the exact whereabouts of potential hazardous conditions.

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Telecommunications Sector


The telecommunications sector (telecom for short) is the glue that holds society together. Without telephone operators, satellite companies, cable companies, and internet service providers, communication would cease to exist in our modern era. Each of these providers relies heavily on knowing key data about the layout of a neighbourhood or a large vector of land to provide highly demanded services to governments, large corporations, small businesses and individuals.

Mosaic can offer a 360 image camera with top-of-the-line protected optics and industrial-grade durability to meet all of their needs.

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Transportation and Logistics


Logistics companies run a tight ship and need to keep to a tight schedule, while dealing with round-the-clock changes on the roads. Their fleets of vehicles are constantly at risk of experiencing a sudden change in road conditions, traffic flow, or barriers along the route. In order to plan for any last minutes changes to a driving route or avoid potentially time-consuming traffic conditions, these transportation and logistics companies must have a real-time view of the streets ahead of them.

Find out how Mosaic 51 can help them accomplish that.

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Real Estate Companies


One of the major operations of a real estate company is to evaluate and assess properties. Both the conditions and location of the building(s) in question as well as the surrounding land needs to be taken into account before a purchase, sale or renovation. Frequent and unnecessary trips to a property located in an inconvenient area add unnecessary financial and time burdens to the company.

With the Mosaic 51 360° camera, these burdens can be eliminated.

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Financial and Insurance Companies


Financial and insurance companies specialize in risk assessment and management. Whether assessing the value of a property for investment purposes or comparing the changing conditions of an asset while processing a claim, the parties involved want to know that they have all of the most accurate and current data available.

With a proper monitoring system in place, the need for on-site visits can be cut down on or eliminated all together, thus reducing the associated costs.

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Engineering & Architecture Firms


Construction companies, architects and engineering firms must take into consideration a whole host of factors when working on a project or vying for a contract, such as the condition of the environment around the plot of land and the available infrastructure. Whether for internal purposes while determining the needs of the project or providing evidence for forecasted budgets and schedules to a client, these firms need to have rock solid evidence to support their claims.

The Mosaic 51 can provide that data and in real-time, as one of many 360 camera solutions.

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Self-Driving Vehicles


Autonomous vehicles are a not-too-far-off norm, but first there must be the proper system of monitoring roads and other obstacles along the way to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians. The automotive companies currently in the race to deliver the first publicly available driverless cars are at this moment using advanced 360 degree cameras (plus other sensors such as radar, lidar, etc.) for training cars. These same cameras will be vital once the cars hit the road as well, with the most up-to-date maps available to the cars, allowing for secure movement of the self-driving cars.

With a Mosaic 51 camera onboard, both the training of the vehicles and the operations of them can be guaranteed to be safe, efficient, and precise.

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Railway and Trains


The railway system is essential for the transportation of goods and passengers, and often through far-off and hard-to-reach places where it might be difficult or impossible to pass with a normal vehicle. Therefore, the maintenance of the railroad tracks, the management of traffic on the rails, and the updating of signalling systems are arduous and pricey projects. Even today, many railway companies are manually inspecting their tracks and surrounding infrastructure without the aid of cameras.

There are many opportunities for improvement and automation in this field. With mobile mapping capabilities and a robust frame, the Mosaic 51 can handle any condition and provide all of the necessary information to accomplish these tasks.

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Mobile Surveying for Infrastructure Maintenance


The maintenance necessary to sustain the structures which allow for the daily operation of society are often overlooked by the common citizen. However, their efforts would be sorely missed if they ceased to function, which is why roads, bridges, tunnels, electrical grids and water supplies demand data which will help the respective authorities to monitor, maintain and overhaul the infrastructures when they are in need of such services. However, time and money always play key factors and without the proper technology, these structures may be ignored or overlooked leading to more costly damages in the future.

By employing AI technology and groundbreaking hardware, such as the Mosaic 51, this can be avoided. Learn more about Mosaic 51’s potential for infrastructure surveying and maintenance solutions.

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Public Safety


Public safety can refer to the regular precautions and procedures conducted by such organizations as the police and fire departments of a town or city, as well the security of guests as a public or private event such as a game, ceremony, or festival. Knowing whether there are properly marked street signs, properly lit roads and alleys, and sufficient space for an emergency vehicle to enter a tunnel or sideroad can mean the difference between a safe community and a community at risk.

When these public services or private security firms have precise data, they can foresee potential risks as well as react quickly to emergencies as they are happening. We are proud that Mosaic is playing a role in such assistance.

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