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Mosaic 101: Things you should know about Mosaic

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Discover who we really are – inside and out!

How time flies!

Hey there! Can you believe it? We’ve just hit the big 101 with our blog posts here at Mosaic!  It feels like just yesterday when we started this journey back in October 2020, sharing our thoughts, innovations, and a few laughs along the way. It’s been a whirlwind of creativity, learning, and, most importantly, ADVENTURE.

Reaching this 101st article is kind of a big deal for us – not because we love keeping count (okay, maybe a little), but because it’s a chance to pause, reflect, and celebrate all the quirky, cool, and downright interesting things that make Mosaic, well, Mosaic. From the genius minds that kick started this adventure, to the gadgets we’ve dreamed up, and the incredible people who’ve joined us on this ride – there’s so much to share!

So, grab your favorite snack, settle in, and let’s take a little trip down memory lane, and maybe veer off into the bushes to explore some hidden gems about our founders, our hometown vibes, the team that makes the magic happen, our nifty hardware, and the awesome folks we call our customers. It’s not just about patting ourselves on the back; it’s about sharing the love, the innovation, and the occasional facepalm moments that have brought us here.

Ready to dive into the mosaic of Mosaic? Let’s get this party started!

Quick backstory

1. FYI folks, contrary to popular (mis)belief, our company name is simply “Mosaic”, not Mosaic 51.

2. But really truly, our legit name according to the local tax authority is Unirmi s.r.o. (sorry for the confusion).

3. Mosaic/Unirmi was established in 2018. 

4. We shipped our first camera in 2020 at the start of COVID.

5. Our first camera was the Mosaic 51 camera system, named because of the 5 camera lenses and sensors situated around the body of the camera rig, with one more ‘looking up’. (5 + 1)

mosaic 51 - world's highest resolution and most robust 360º mobile mapping camera

6. The Mosaic 51 was the first all-in-one mobile mapping camera system – meaning you can capture images and geospatial data with only one device (no need for a computer in the vehicle as the storage and compute power is all within the camera itself).

7. Prague Pride: Mosaic calls the picturesque Prague, Czech Republic, its home. Imagine cobblestone streets meeting cutting-edge tech!

8. We proudly join the ranks of such Czech innovators and technologists including  Jakub Kryštof Rad, inventor of the sugar cube; Karl Schinzel, inventor of color photography; and Drahoslav Lim and Otto Wichterle, inventors of soft contact lenses. 

9. 80% of subassemblies are from the Czech Republic and/or Europe.

10. We’re proudly supported by the ‘projekt Technologická inkubace’ from CzechInvest, who have nurtured our innovation.

Who we are

Mosaic isn’t just another tech company; it’s a journey into the heart of 360º imaging, led by a team as dynamic and diverse as the vistas they capture. Here’s to the next chapter of mapping the world, one 360º image at a time!

Mosaic team at christmas 2023

11. We were founded by Jeffrey Martin, Jost Faganel, and Rostislav Lisovy, it’s like the Avengers but for 360º imaging.

12. Two of them didn’t meet in person until nearly 2 years after founding the company together.

13. The Why: They saw the world and thought, “Let’s map it, but make it 360º and fun.”

14. Jeffrey was mapping the world in 360º before it was cool, even before Google Street View hit the scene. He is also a world-renowned gigapixel photographer. (Check out some of the world’s largest photos here.)


15. Our VP of Engineering Rostislav Lisovy, a.k.a. Rosta, has had 10 Linux kernel contributions accepted to mainline Linux.

16. Our COO is the true business mastermind behind it all and is a sucker for startups.

17. Our current team is made up of people from 7+ countries, sitting in at least 4 different time zones at any one time. 

18. Our Director of Sales and Marketing has traveled to nearly as many countries as our cameras (but the cameras have only been on the road for a few years, while she’s been at it for nearly 20).

19. One of our employees is a certified Forensic computer crime scene technician in the state of Florida.

20. One of our newest team members is a former professional snowboarder.

21. Another one of our employees is a certified quantum physicist!

22. They say there is a connection between music and math. One of our engineers plays both accordion and trombone! 

23. At the time we were hiring our first real employee we still didn’t have any office. So the job interview was conducted in the publicly accessible spaces of the National Technical Library.

24. The team has now worked from at least 4 different office spaces, all within the same building here in Prague, gradually increasing the square meters with each move.

25. Our team mascot is Rudy, who is the mother of a litter of 10 puppies, each one completely unique from the rest.

What we make

26. Mosaic 51: Our first baby! It’s an all-in-one marvel with 12.3K resolution, ready to capture the world without needing a computer hitched to it.

27. Mosaic X: The speed demon for high-speed street view data capture at 13.5K resolution. Perfect for when you want to collect high resolution imagery on the fly.

28. Mosaic Viking: The beast of resolution, boasting a 20K capture capability.

29. The Viking was originally conceived by one of our customers who challenged us to make THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION 360º mobile mapping camera in the world in order to help them in their work. It was a huge undertaking for our (them much smaller) team but we were so excited to take on this challenge.

30. No matter the camera, each one is individually calibrated so that each customer receives a custom GRP file in order that their stitching is fully optimized. 

31. All About Durability: Built tough with industrial-grade construction, our cameras are the tanks of the 360º world.

32. No Computer, No Problem: Each camera packs its own on-board GPU, making mobile mapping as easy as snapping a selfie.

33. Low-Light? High Performance: Our sensors and lenses have made a name for themselves thanks to being able to work long hours, capturing low-noise, high-quality images in most any lighting conditions.

34. Play Well with Others: Open to 3rd party integration via REST API, because we love making new friends (see more further down about specifically which friends).

35. Ready for Anything: IP64 rating across the board means we’re not afraid of a little dust or water.

36. In fact, during the first winter of development, the first prototype stayed outdoors for several weeks in Prague with no damage. 

37. Before going for official testing, we did our own backyard testing by putting the Mosaic 51 in a bucket of water overnight and it didn’t experience any leaks.

37. Our cameras have been used as far north as Norway and as far south as Australia. 

39. The cameras have operated in sub-freezing temperatures and up to 40ºC.

40. Various Mosaic customers (and even one Mosaic employee) have run into parking garages and other low overhangs and the camera always comes out unscathed. 

41. Capture More, Swap Less: With up to 2 TB of hot-swappable disk capacity, we’re marathon runners in the world of data capture.

42. Details Matter: From 12-bit RAW to h.264 compression, we ensure your images are not just captured, but beautifully preserved.

43. Frame by Frame Excellence: Up to 10 FPS means smooth, seamless imagery, making every detail count.

44. Trigger warnings!!!! You can choose to capture in a variety of ways: FPS, distance based (by using the internal GNSS), using a REST API call, sending a trigger pulse via the AUX interface, or based on distance from an external device. 

45. And the FPS: a max of 10 for the Mosaic 51 and Mosaic X, check this out! The camera frame rate is internally fixed at 10 FPS with the frames actually being dropped (not recorded) unless a trigger event has been observed.

46. While other cameras are only triggered when a pulse is sent, our Auto Exposure can react faster to changes in lighting conditions.

47. Expansive Views: With pixel dimensions that capture the minutiae of the world, our cameras bring the big picture to life in stunning detail.

48. Ready for the Road: Designed from the ground up for mobile mapping, we’re always ready for an adventure.

49. Quality from Corner to Corner: Our cameras ensure your images are crisp, clear, and color-accurate across the entire panorama.

50. Global Shutter Goodness: Mosaic X and Viking feature global shutters, perfect for capturing high-speed details without missing a beat.

We’re not just creating cameras; we’re crafting tools that open up a world of possibilities for mapping, exploration, and discovery. Our hardware is a testament to our passion for precision, durability, and innovation. Ready to see the world through Mosaic lenses?

Cool things our CPU can do that you didn’t know

One of the coolest things about our cameras that set them apart is the onboard computations that take place. And what exactly does having 

51. Control Interface for Cameras: It allows you to control the camera, including previewing, debugging, listing files on SSD, checking drive space, and changing triggering modes.

52. Ethernet Connectivity: Connects to devices via ethernet for IP address assignment from the camera, facilitating network-based control and data transfer.

53. Real-time Auto Exposure: Analyzes histograms of frames in real time to adjust exposure time and gain appropriately.

54. Distance-based Triggering Mode: Enables triggering based on the distance for capturing images or data.

55. RestAPI Support: Offers a RestAPI for diverse UI integrations, allowing for extensive control and customization through HTTP protocols.

56. Advanced Data Processing: Dedicated processors convert RAW subpixels to normal pixels, apply gamma curves for 8-bit data, and perform color corrections in real-time.

57. Video Encoding: Supports H264 encoding for efficient video storage and processing.

58. External GNSS Device Support: Integrates with external GNSS devices to store raw data, pitch, and heading for each frame, enhancing geolocation capabilities.

59. Internal GNSS Data: Provides internal GNSS data including coordinates (x, y, z) for geotagging and spatial analysis.

60. Support for GPPA Messages: Handles GPPA messages, facilitating advanced navigation and positioning functionalities.

Who we help

Exploring the diverse and innovative ways our customers use Mosaic cameras has been quite the adventure. Here’s a glimpse into their experiences and achievements:

61. At last count, our Mosaic cameras have visited and completed projects in nearly 50 countries (that we know of) and that number is increasing every month. 

world map of countries where mosaic cameras are found

62. One of our very earliest customers was Facebook, in partnership with Mapillary

63. Our customer with the largest number of cameras to date is COWI, an engineering firm out of Denmark with 13 cameras. 

64. The only Mosaic customer to own all three cameras is Field, a leading European surveying company, employed all three Mosaic cameras for advanced mobile mapping. 

65. We’re the first 360º mobile mapping camera rig to participate in data collection for a VFX studio. 

66. For the Netflix blockbuster ‘The Gray Man’, Scanline VFX utilized data from a Mosaic camera, benefiting from the efficient data capture of large-scale 3D models and street-level data of Prague. This technology enabled rapid data collection with reduced costs and labor.

67. Mosaic 51 cameras facilitated swift street-level imagery capture for efficient post-disaster recovery efforts in Florida after Hurricane Ian, a majority of the southeast U.S. after several hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding; and even in Hawaii following the fires in Lahaina. 

68. Greehill integrated Mosaic X with RIEGL LiDAR for enhanced mobile mapping capabilities.

69. The Viking camera has been pivotal in scanning large-scale infrastructure, generating highly detailed panoramic images and 3D models.

70. Improved Efficiency and Accuracy: Implementing the Mosaic 51 camera resulted in substantial time savings in data capture and processing due to its high-resolution imaging capabilities. Moreover, Mapersive clients using the Mosaic 51 camera achieved sub-metric distance measurements with an error margin of approximately 2 to 3 meters, showcasing the system’s reliability and precision.

71. Kavel 10 highlighted the Mosaic X camera’s unmatched stability and reliability, especially for highway operations, noting that it experienced zero operational downtime since its adoption. This robustness significantly reduced the common disruptions associated with previous camera systems.

72. The compatibility between Mosaic’s Mobile Mapping Camera Systems and Mapillary’s platform streamlines the workflow from data capture to insightful analysis, overcoming traditional challenges in geospatial data handling.

73. ArcGIS enables users to ingest data from Mapillary. This integration allows for seamless visualization of global imagery on maps in ArcGIS Pro, enhancing data editing and comparison for urban planning. This integration significantly saves time in data collection and improves decision-making for smarter city projects.

74. Dymaxion became the first Mosaic customer to successfully integrate their Mosaic 51 camera system (with rolling shutter sensors) with LiDAR and colorize a point cloud, all in the name of electrical grid and road inspections.

75. The Mosaic X camera has now participated in various VFX data captures, and will soon be a part of a very special short movie set during WWII and the Holocaust about the real life story of Ernst Cahn, starring Noah Emmerich, called “The Ice Cream Man”, directed by Robert Moniot.

76. Site Tour 360 successfully received and started utilizing their Mosaic 51 camera in mere days to rapidly capture and process street-level imagery post-Hurricane Ian, making it available online within 24 hours. This swift data processing significantly aided decision-makers like FEMA in deploying timely aid.

77. The Mosaic 51 camera enabled Catsurveys to significantly improve their surveying efficiency and data quality, capturing detailed imagery for telecom infrastructure, which was pivotal for scaling operations and reducing costs by up to 20%.

78. Mosaic X enabled the capture of high-resolution images for infrastructure and asset inspection more quickly and cost-effectively.

79. An innovative mobile mapping system, built with Mosaic X and LiDAR, provided high-precision railway scans in Norway.

These snippets underscore the versatility and impact of Mosaic cameras across various applications, from detailed 3D modeling and infrastructure inspection to comprehensive surveying projects. For more detailed accounts of how our technology is driving innovation in the field, please visit our case studies section.

Discover all of the details about our incredible customers here.

Who our cameras are friends with

Mosaic cameras were built to be standalone devices, not needing additional workstations for control nor storage, or any other sensors in order to capture high resolution imagery and geospatial information in one device. 

YET, our cameras also play quite nicely with other sensors and systems. Find out which sensors and which larger mobile mapping systems our cameras have shared the limelight with atop one of our customers vehicles:

80. EMLID Reach RS2+ and possibly the RS3 (we’re about to test, stay tuned).

81. XVN – Xsens Vision Navigator 

82. RIEGL mobile mapping systems including RIEGL VMX, VMQ and VMY series, VUX Scanner

83. Hesai PandarXT

84. Applanix LVX GPS/INS 

85. Xenics Gobi 640 Thermal Camera for thermal imaging

86. Ouster LiDAR

87. Leica TRK

Leica TRK and Mosaic X camera working together

88. Velodyne puck

89. Zoller+Fröhlich (Z+F) LiDAR unit

Other random facts

90. Our cameras have been used on: cars, trucks, railroad vehicles, 4×4 offroad ATVs, motorbikes, jeeps, boats, electric golf carts, yachts, paddle boats, scooters, and lately – even on the back of a pedestrian. 

91. Once while out driving, one of the vehicles driving with a Mosaic 51 camera got stuck in a ditch, but a good Samaritan came by and pulled him out. 

92. One customer regularly collected over 205,000 kms over a period of about 5 months.

93. To date, our software engineers have made 2,746 commits to our cameras’ firmware repository.

94. Our team loves our logo and you’ll find it all over, around and inside the camera (even the parts you’ll never see) including the PCB of the SSD, ethernet connector board, the mounting plate, the new cover to the Xplor backpack camera and probably some other places we’re forgetting.

95. We’ve learned that if you need to scan something in a restricted area, just put an orange alert beacon. 

96. Also, we’ve learned that Czech police are quite lenient 🙂 There is a video on our YouTube channel of our Mosaic car driving through a red traffic light

What our team says about ourselves vs. what our customers say about our team

When asked to share something about our company, cameras, and themselves, this is what some of our incredible employees shared.

97. “We are ingenious and experienced apes equipped with the sophisticated engineering tools, processes and good communications skills that make our products skyrocketing. Old punks of all kinds.” (Direct quote from one of our lead engineers.)

98. Another quote from another engineer, “Development took us years and has produced state-of-the-art machines. The sweat and blood that has gone into them cannot be understated.”

99. “Mosaic’s support team was especially vital in this scenario. We couldn’t have completed this process without them and really appreciate all of their timely and expert advice throughout the process,” Ewoud Van Der Cruyssen, Technical Manager, Kavel 10.

100. “Mosaic 51’s team has been exceptional in their responsiveness and helpfulness. From the onset of our relationship, they have rapidly and effectively addressed any issues we raised,” Iwu Emmanuel, the Product Manager at Mapersive.

101. “I start that off with two moderate statements as we can not express how much we love our Mosaic system. From a responsive support staff, and a team always engaged about making their product better……,” Bradford Folta, Honey Badger Analytics.

Still more to come

This only scratches the surface. We have so much more to accomplish and so many new trails to discover. Keep on following our journey here, on social media, or by subscribing to our newsletter! You won’t regret it!